Update 2.2.4 – Captcha

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There’s a new Story of War in the Realm and with it comes a fix for the Kensei Dash. 

We are also bringing you the new Captcha system which should be a nice way to counter the bots in Realm. So let’s jump straight into the new things coming to Realm!


The captcha system is something we have been preparing for some time and is a big step towards countering the pesky bots we see in the Realm.

Solving the captcha means clicking the three given shapes on the square picture in the order provided above it. After that, you can submit the result by hitting verify. If successful, you should see the launcher logging into the account. If failed, a new captcha is displayed with the text “Try again” below it. You can submit three wrong results before it locks you out (and displays “Too many failed captchas” popup). 

Fiery Kensei ST Set 

 A young Kensei with amusing skills. She does a short, but strong dash, sprays flames, and spawns extra projectiles on the third use. Her light powerful blade with curving shots is capable of burning even the toughest opponents. Traveling along with her fire lizard, she joins the realm all fired up and ready for battle!

  • Fiery Katana 
  • Pyro Sheath 
  • Flame Guard 
  • Firelight Necklace


  • Dimitus and the Wanderer (if their respective Dungeon Mods are active) will now spawn with lower damage values and an altered loot table in early-game dungeons, like Pirate Cave.
  • Campaign points will now also show on the individual items in the shop (just like we have them for boxes and packages)
  • Dye Presets are now being saved per class and not per character 
  • Updated Duality Priest Credits
  • You can now hear the sweet spring music in the Nexus!


  • Fixed a bug when forging using Mark of the Tesseract Goddess that disabled you to select for dismantling other forge fire reduction items like Blueprints.
  • Points and progress for a campaign will now update immediately after you make a purchase
  • Fixed an issue that caused Unlockers (skin, vault, or character slot) to fail if used in the backpack inventory with shift+click after it has just been opened
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Necromancer’s Skulls’ Tooltips to show the total range of the heal ability incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with the Pontifex Ring and Scallywag Slurp Pet Skin, having off-centered icons.
  • Damage numbers will now be visible for all Area of Effect shots
  • Fixed a small visual issue in the shop where the purchase button will show gold for a promotion that is sold for fame instead.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not scroll the page in shop if you are resting the cursor on the Buy button
  • Performance improvements
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