A STory of War VIII: The flame ignites

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Hello Realmers,

As Elemental force surges with nature’s spring upheaval on March 29th, the whole Realm seeks alignments with Earth, Air, Water, or FIRE. When the Kensei arrived, one would never imagine he would bring both water and fire with him. Air and Earth were already there. They have chosen the Bard and the Summoner’s latest ST sets to show their true forms. But trust us, that was only a mere glimpse of what’s to come. Some say that even some old dungeons might be affected by this surge of old, primal energies…

You are now invited to enter the STory of War Bonus Program and claim the Fiery ST Set for yourself.

The STory of War Bonus Program is a time-limited event that can be accessed in the Shop. It allows players to collect Bonus Points with gold they spend in the Shop (or by directly boosting it via the Boost button) and claim Bonus Rewards. You can collect BP by purchasing Mystery Boxes, Packages, and Items in the Nexus and Grand Bazaar areas with Realm gold. 

Please note that slot unlockers and name changing do not count for the bonus program. Fame purchases do not count, either.

With this iteration of the STory of War, while we are introducing only one new ST set, compared to previous times, you will be able to get your hands on previous ST sets as well. With this change, some modifications were made to the overall structure of how the program is run.

Fiery Kensei ST Set 

A young Kensei with amusing skills. She does a short, but strong dash sprays flames, and spawns extra projectiles on the third use. Her light powerful blade with curving shots is capable of burning even the toughest opponents. Traveling along with her fire lizard, she joins the realm all fired up and ready for battle!

  • Fiery Katana 
  • Pyro Sheath 
  • Flame Guard 
  • Firelight Necklace

The all known Avarice Medallion will now serve two purposes:

  • It can be exchanged for an ST item of choice from the new Kensei ST Set or for its Mini ST Skin
  • Or it can be exchanged for 3 War STory Chests

By taking a War STory Chest to the Tinkerer, you will now be able to exchange it for one of all previous Mystery <Class> ST Crates. 

The last big change we bring is in the form of a new item that was created:

The Mini ST Skin Token

This item will serve as a token that can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for the new Kensei mini ST Skin, as well as all the previous mini ST Skins, or if you have all of them already, then you can exchange it for 1 War STory Chest.

This Mini ST Skin Token will temporarily (for the duration of the campaign) replace all mini Skins as drops in  Mystery <Class> ST Crates.

Start: March, 15th, at 12PM UTC

End: March, 25th, at 12PM UTC

Grace Period: until March, 28th, 12 PM UTC

Quests at the Tinkerer: until March, 28th, 12 PM UTC

RanksBonus rewardTotal PointsTier Points
1War STory Chest x 112001200
2War STory Chest x 124001200
3War STory Chest x 136001200
4War STory Chest x 148001200
5War STory Chest x 162001400
6War STory Chest x 176001400
7War STory Chest x 290001400
8Avarice Medallion x 1106001600
9War STory Chest x 1132002600
10War STory Chest x 3166003400
11War STory Chest x 3208004200
12Avarice Medallion x 1 + War STory Chest x 2260005200
13War STory Chest x 4326006600
14War STory Chest x 3362003600
15Avarice Medallion x 1 + War STory Chest x 2416005400
16Fiery Katana x 1 +Pyro Sheath x 1 +Flame Guardx 1 +Firelight Necklacex 1 +Mini Fiery Kensei Skin x 15200010400
17Avarice Medallion x 1 + War STory Chest x 56200010000
18Avarice Medallion x 1 + War STory Chest x 77250010500
19Avarice Medallion x 2 + War STory Chest x 88300010500

Additionally to that we will be doubling the Universal Fragment drops until the end of the Alien Event and adding a second batch of outworldly quests!

Quest NameRequirement/sReward/sType of QuestDates
More Core: PowerUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Power x1Once per account11/03-13/03
More Core: Dark MatterUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Dark Matter x1Once per account11/03-13/03
More Core: CorrosionUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Corrosion x1Once per account11/03-13/03
More Core: WarpUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Warp x1Once per account11/03-13/03
More Alien TechUniversal Fragment x80Locked Reactor x1Once per account11/03-13/03
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