And the cosplay contest winners are…

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Hello, fashionable Realmers,

We hope you had as much fun thinking about your cosplay costumes and making them as we had reviewing your entries. All of the entries were great and the final score reveals how close and how hard it was to choose a winner. 

As you may remember, the entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Effort: How well-made is your costume?
  • Creativity: Alternatively, did you make great use of homemade materials? And did you pick an interesting inspiration for your costume?
  • Fidelity: How close is your look to the inspiration for the costume?
  • Presentation: How much effort went into taking a decent photo?

In the pet category the winners are:

1 – Lord Ruthven

2 – Pyrr the Crimson Dragon

3 – Horned Drake

And on the Human Side of the contest:

1 – Totalia the Malevolent

2 – Oryx Noble

3 – The Forgotten King and The Twilight Archmage

Congratulations to the champions, you’ll be contacted via email.

It’s now time to start thinking about the next year’s contest!

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