A spooky release is coming…

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Hello Realmers,

While the Development team has been taking care of the bugs that annoy us all, as well as working on making the game more secure, the LiveOps team worked hard to bring you a brand new Bazaar with custom-made decorations and artwork. This is a Grand Bazaar where you can trade, pop some keys or just chill’ – we have rooms for everyone. This Halloween, we selected 51 character skins and 28 pet skins that you will be able to acquire individually, for the first time! Plus, you find all the Blueprints from A to D and some S and S+ will be available in quests from now on. The Blood & Spirit Campaign will give you access to some very unique and spooky skins and ST reskins. If you make it to the last tier, you will get a ghostly reskin of the Cloak of Bloody Surprises. What excites you the most in the trailer you’ve just seen? 


This Halloween it’s all about what you wear. How spooky will you look in-game or IRL? We’ve got you covered. 

Halloween cosplay contest

Dressing up your characters is a given, but will you truly embody the spookiest time of year? This time we want everyone to get into the Halloween spirit. And you can also bring your pets to the party! 

The Halloween Cosplay contest starts today, October 20th and submissions will be open until November 17th. Judging will take place until November 23rd, after which we’ll announce the winners and start handing out rewards. So, what is the contest about?

Show us your (and/or your pets’) Realm-inspired real-life Halloween costumes – feel free to be creative with ideas, materials, photography. . . just don’t overdo it on the editing! If the stuff you found in your basement is all it takes to make a convincing costume, we’ll be very happy to see it. If you achieve a cool result using random items and forced perspective or other photography techniques, good job! The only real requirement is that your submission is Realm-inspired and original. The main category will see you compete with costumes you made for yourselves (or whoever is willing to model them for you), and the pet category, self-explanatorily, is for your very patient cats, dogs, rodents, birds, reptiles, ungulates, and so on. If they indeed can tolerate you dressing them up as Realm critters or characters.

To participate, please leave a comment here on the blog with a link to a photo of your costume (and/or your pet’s costume). It should follow this format:

Category (Main/Pet):
Link to image:
Short description (What is your costume, how did you make it?):

You are, of course, allowed to participate in both categories, but with only one submission per category. If you somehow manage to make your pet take a photo with you, that may be the same photo. 

Winners will be contacted by email in order to keep anonymity. You don’t need to enter your IGN or any identifier in the submission entry, just your correct email address when posting the comment – we’re the only ones able to see it. Entries containing sensitive information or inappropriate content will thus not be published.

The rewards are:

For the best costume:

1: Halloween ST set of choice, 2.5k gold

2: Halloween ST set of choice, 1.5k gold

3: Halloween ST set of choice

For the best pet costume:

1st: 3 Chocolate Bars, 2k gold

2nd: 2 Chocolate Bars, 1k gold

3rd: 1 Chocolate Bar and 1 Eyecicle

The mighty DECA staff will be judging the contest based on the defined criteria: effort; creativity; fidelity, and presentation. Yes, they remind you of the cooking contest. Crafts are crafts!

Effort: How well-made is your costume?
Creativity: Alternatively, did you make great use of homemade materials? And did you pick an interesting inspiration for your costume?
Fidelity: How close is your look to the inspiration for the costume?
Presentation: How much effort went into taking a decent photo?

We’re looking forward to seeing your creativity!

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15 replies on “A spooky release is coming…”

  1. Category: Main
    Image: https://imgur.com/o5BJHcO
    Ign: SomePerson
    My epic costume of the Pumpkin King! I hope this can still be posted, I swear I checked the site multiple times, and the deadline was the 19th, not the 17th. I had the costume-ready topic for about a month now, and it’s finally put together. I had to use tape to make the skeleton part of the costume as there was no skeleton costume available. The cape is a large table cloth, and the pumpkin I carved myself. I even stabbed my finger in the process of carving the pumpkin :). again, hope I can still submit this, I have been looking forward to this contest since it was posted.

  2. Category: Main
    My epic costume of the Pumpkin King! I hope this can still be posted, I swear I checked the site multiple times, and the deadline was the 19th, not the 17th. I had the costume-ready topic for about a month now, and it’s finally put together. I even stabbed my finger in the process of carving the pumpkin :). again, hope I can still submit this, I have been looking forward to this contest since it was posted.

  3. Lord Ruthven (Dog)

    Category: Pet
    Link: https://imgur.com/a/Bl5mNQv
    Description: This is my puppy, Isak. Having a puppy pose for costumes is… very hard. Particularly with a puppy like Isak. (He’s evil).
    Here he is in all his glory with a vampire cloak, majestic wig, and dagger as he shows off his Lord Ruthven cosplay.

  4. Useless Thessal

    Category: Main, “pet”
    Link to image: https://imgur.com/gallery/716yZHa
    Short description: Thessal cosplay made out of paper; held together by glue, tape, binder clips, and sheer willpower. Also have added paper coral deco to try and liven my scene a bit. Everything is paper, from the seaweed looking hair to the questionable trident. Gold accents from gold ribbon and tissue paper.
    My “pet” is dressed as everyone’s favorite OT minion, the sea mare. Not sure if he actually qualifies as a pet, and if not then he’s just my cutest/fav accessory.

  5. Oryx Noble

    Category: Main
    Link: https://imgur.com/a/LCaqMdO
    Description: My costume is Oryx Noble! Cosplaying as a mini-boss’s random minion that nobody really talks about much? Stranger things have happened! I love the design of her sprite and thought perhaps I could pave the way towards Oryx Noble appreciation.

    So, the first part of making the costume was finding a base for the dress. For this, we (by we, I include my friend who helped me with my costume adventures) thrifted a long-sleeved purple dress. We modified it a bit by cutting and cinching some parts to make it work with the costume more. Then, we took another piece of repurposed fabric (rest in peace, my yellow pants…) to cut out the inverted cross, which we sewed onto the fabric. We also used some white fur to line the edges of the dress. We added some additional accessories such as necklaces to spice up the costume because we figured Oryx Noble seemed like the kind of lady who’d wear some snazzy necklaces. We made the horns from cardboard, painted them, and attached them to a headband. (Pro tip: don’t touch the hot glue– it hurts). The staff was a long stick that we painted over with a darker brown and we attached a glass bowl to the top. We put some LED lights in the bowl to make it glow and wrapped it in some paper. For the final touches, we slathered my face in red paint 😛

    Hope you enjoy! It was super fun taking part in the contest and I loved seeing all the entries so far as well. 🙂

  6. Category: Main
    Link to image: https://imgur.com/a/UrImIfl
    “Short” description: I forgor, no, really! I am forgor, the Forgotten king! The coat was sewn from cloth, the robes are definitely NOT a dress, the crown is a store-bought one that received heavy cardboard modifications, and the chains are more of the same. The glowing eyes were achieved with some cute little Christmas lights! The set for the picture was rather impromptu, and I spent longer than I’d like to admit adjusting the lighting to make it just right. Overall I am happy with how it turned out and enjoyed participating in the contest, thank you!

  7. Yoprobro

    Category: Pet

    Link: https://imgur.com/a/ANK8bZp

    Description: Meet my lizard, Atlantis! He is a Chinese Water Dragon, and I decided to dress him up as a Horned Drake. Everything was hand made.

    Useless tip: tape does not stick on scales very well!

  8. Totalia the Malevolent

    Category: Main and Pet
    Link to image: I made an album with several pictures – https://imgur.com/a/7MQ1lml. The contest description specified a single photo though, so if only one is to be used as the basis for judging, please use the photo №2.

    My submission was originally aimed for the main contest, but I decided to still try and apply for both. I don’t have a real pet, unfortunately, so I just crafted my own ones. If these bats do not qualify as a pet contest submission, or if it’s not possible for one person to win in both categories, please consider my entry just for the main category.

    I dressed up as Totalia the Malevolent, the Halloween event boss which spawns in realm, and also a mystic ST set skin. It was a lot of fun to do all these arts and crafts for the scene! For the costume, I combined a dark blue dress I had with a purple skirt, and made the sleeves/belt from the same material. I was lucky to have the purple wig already – I used it for another cosplay several years ago. I made a custom witch hat from dark blue felt, a custom broom, and decorated both with some ribbons, paper flowers and leaves. For the bats I used two styrofoam spheres painted with acrylic, black felt for wings and ears, and I put some blue LED lights inside to make their eyes glow. The orb is a clear plastic sphere, painted with acrylic on the inside, and its core was made from two LED pink lights wrapped in a light-diffusing fabric. And finally, the spooky spider web on the tree is just a cheesecloth, soaked in black acrylic wash, then dried and ripped vigorously. The hardest thing was to take pictures: making everything took quite some time, and I wanted to take photos outdoors. My friend and I ended up shooting in November, around +4 °C. It was pretty cold and got dark early, but we still managed to achieve what we wanted!

  9. Cheetou

    Category: Main, https://imgur.com/a/Zdj0Tun
    I dressed up as the twilight archmage. I made the costume by tweaking a robe I found on amazon. It took longer then I expected, but I really enjoyed the way it turned out! This contest has made me try many new things such as clay art, fabric paint, and spray-paint. Things that I haven’t dabbled in before. Even if I don’t win the contest I find that it was fun nonetheless, and I’m glad I got the chance to participate.

  10. Anonymous for the time being (Please email me)

    Category: Main, https://imgur.com/a/0JQOXvl
    I decided to dress up as the ninja skin, windflower! I was in a voice call with somebody who was streaming, and the audience mentioned I was windflower IRL. I went with the joke and decided to go as windflower for the costume contest. I honestly recycled an old Halloween costume I had lying around the house. This costume was based on a character in the movie, “Spirited Away” I changed a few things around and realized it works perfectly as windflower! I hope you enjoy my submission, I had a great time 🙂

  11. Azure

    Lmao, look forward for this event!

  12. Zack

    This is a homemade Pyyr the Crimson Dragon Rotmg costume.
    There are Rotmg inspired bags and background.
    My cats name is Sebastian. Thanks!

  13. cirmimikyu

    I really liked the warrior lycanthrope skin

  14. cirmimikyu

    I’m going to participate for fun, I like this event, it’s funny

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