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Spooky Realmers,

Halloween is one of our favorite seasons of the year and we wanted to give you something special. While the development team has been dedicating their time to fixing bugs and making the game more secure for you, the LiveOps team worked hard to bring you the new Bazaar and some exciting Campaign, Events, Quests and spooky ST reskins! 

The Grand Bazaar

Not only dungeons get reconstructed. We are very pleased to announce that the old Cloth Bazaar was completely remodeled and expanded to fit its new grandeur, it’s now called the Grand Bazaar! We want to encourage you to use this space for trading or simply hang out. Now you will find sections for pets (with food, eggs, and pet skins); blacksmith (ores, nilshards, and blueprints); cosmetics (character skins, dyes, and cloths); rings, and one section for each class. We know that some of you like to meet in the Bazaar with your friends to open your favorite dungeons, so we made 4 thematic rooms that were designed just for this purpose. Give it a try!

Now you will have access to an expanded variety of individual skins. For now, you can find 51 character skins that will be repeated in 3 places: in the Nexus, in the Bazaar, in the Cosmetics area and in each of the classes’ areas. That’s because this new skin distribution is still in an experimental phase, so it will probably change over time. Check them out and get your Halloween costume for this year!

Blueprints are now more available

Blueprints from Basic to Paramount will be available at the Grand Bazaar and some previously unreleased or limited-time Exalted Blueprints will be available in quests from now on in the following way:

You can collect tokens – “Schematics” and “Ancient Schematics”, scraps of the forgotten knowledge to craft the most powerful artifacts – and exchange them in Tinkerer for the desired Blueprint. 

Schematics, which you can exchange 2 stacks of 50 of for an S tier Blueprint of choice, will drop from the Killer Bee Queen, the Beekeeper, Crystal Worm Mother, Crystal Entity, Malus, the Marble Colossus, the Bridge Sentinel, and the Twilight Archmage. Ancient Schematics, to be exchanged for SS tier Blueprints, will drop from the Void Entity, the Forgotten King, and Oryx 3. 

Periodically, the quests will be updated with subsequent Blueprints. The first rotation will start with this release and last the duration of the Halloween event – as an initial test run. We will start with the following quests:

NameRequirementsBlueprint of choice
Ancient CraftsmanshipAncient Schematic x100Bracer of the Guardian
The Forgotten Crown
Sword of the Colossus
Marble Seal
Forgotten CraftsmanshipSchematic x100Crystal Shield
Refraction Cloak
Crystallised Fang’s Venom
The Twilight Gemstone

This system is experimental. We would love to hear your feedback and make changes as we decide whether and how to continue it post-Halloween.

Blood and Spirit – the campaign

This year, Lord Ruthven and Septavius the Ghost God have emerged as contenders for the title of Halloween King. Their rivalry is friendly, but it does have an edge. And their shiny new pet monsters, a Lycan and a Banshee, have found their own rivals, out on a fanatic quest to cleanse the Realm. A dark history weaves between the Banshee and the Archexorcist… From whence came the cursed artifacts that started it all?

In the campaign, you will find tokens (Monster Slayer’s and Monster Lieutenant’s Weapon, Ability, Armor and Ring) that you can exchange for pieces of the “Bad Guys” ST sets, and pieces of the “Good Guys” ST sets (are they really that good though?). Take on both roles! You will also be able to grab a pretty unique Samurai skin (which goes Boo!) and a Spectral Bat companion straight from the caverns deep under the Realm. The end of the campaign is roguish, with a Bloody Surprise Blueprint and a haunting reskin of the cloak itself.

Halloween ST Reskins

Either through the Campaign or from the Shop, you can be one of the first to get your hands on the 4 new Halloween exclusive STs reskins we have this year:

  • Archexorcist Priest ST Set, a reskin of the Mad God’s Messenger ST Set
  • Cursed Cursebreaker Huntress ST Set, a reskin of the Horticultural Huntress ST Set
  • Ghostly Banshee Summoner ST Set, a reskin of the (duh) Scientific Summoner ST Set (which soon will not be the only option)
  • Lycan Warrior ST Set, a reskin of the Pirate King Warrior ST Set

The following quests will be part of the Halloween festivities:

Monster Slayer’s ArmorMonster Slayer’s ArmorGarb of the Ordained or Metal-plated CorsetItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Slayer’s WeaponMonster Slayer’s WeaponHoly Artifact or Silver RevolversItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Slayer’s AbilityMonster Slayer’s AbilityTome of Exorcism or Consecrated TrapItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Slayer’s RingMonster Slayer’s RingPontifex Ring or Vial of SustenanceItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Lieutenant’s ArmorMonster Lieutenant’s ArmorRagetorn Armor or Lacerated GownItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Lieutenant’s WeaponMonster Lieutenant’s WeaponSavage Claws or Tormented ShriekItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Lieutenant’s AbilityMonster Lieutenant’s AbilityBeastly Mane or Ghastly MaceItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
Monster Lieutenant’s RingMonster Lieutenant’s RingMoonstone Ring or Unresolved GrudgeItem of choice26 Oct – 16 Nov
A White HalloweenVampire Fangs x80Trap of the Blood SpiritOnce per account26 Oct – 16 Nov
or Orb of TerrorItem of choice
or Helm of the Jack-o’-naut
or Phantasm Dirk
Bag of TricksVampire Fangs x60Witch’s Skull OR Demon Pumpkin OR Haunted TombstoneOnce a day5 Nov – 16 Nov
Afterparty IWitch’s Skull x3Reanimated Archer or Totalia Mystic set piece of choiceRepeatable11 Nov – 18 Nov
Afterparty IIDemon Pumpkin x3Unholy Paladin or Scarecrow Trickster piece of choiceRepeatable11 Nov – 18 Nov
Afterparty IIIHaunted Tombstone x3Paranormal Wizard or Reaper Necromancer set piece of choiceRepeatable11 Nov – 18 Nov

Mystery items:

  • A new mystery item by the name of Haunted Tombstone has been created. The item will drop one of the pieces from the Paranormal Wizard ST Set or the Reaper Necromancer ST Set upon consumption.
  • The new “Arch-Exorcist Priest ST Set”, “Cursed Cursebreaker Huntress ST Set”, “Ghostly Banshee Summoner ST Set” and  “Lycan Warrior ST Set” have been added to the possible drops from Halloween Mystery ST Chest.
  • Halloween Mystery Skin contents have been updated and can now drop one of the following:
    • Living Armor Warrior Skin
    • Zombie Gal Warrior Skin
    • Haunted Robe Skin
    • Spooky Roommate Wizard Skin
    • Jack the Ripper Skin
    • Bruno the Rogue Steward Skin
    • Cleopatra Priestess Skin
    • Zombie Nurse Skin
    • Raven Grandmaster Sorcerer Skin
    • Shadow Land Sorcerer Skin
    • Dark Rider Ninja Skin
    • Death Skin
    • Demonhunter Huntress Skin
    • Misery Ghost Bride Huntress Skin
    • Cowboy Samurai Skin
    • Oni Demon Samurai Skin
    • Frankensteins Monster Skin
    • Clown Knight Skin
    • Jack-o-mancer Skin
    • Heartless Necromancer Skin
    • Vampiress Skin
    • Haunted Doll Trickster Skin
    • Storm Archer Skin
    • Underworld Archer Skin
    • Eyeball Mystic Skin
    • Grand Enchantress Mystic Skin
    • Headless Rider Skin
    • Grey Pal Paladin Skin
    • Bedsheet Ghost Assassin Skin
    • Plague Doctor Assassin Skin
    • Skeleton Trumpeter Bard Skin
    • Wandering Spellcaster Bard Skin
    • Grey Gal Summoner Skin
    • Night Elf Summoner Skin

Halloween Mystery Pet Stone has been renamed to Halloween Mystery Pet Skin and its contents have been updated to drop one of the following:

  • Pumpkin Head Pet Skin
  • Orange Flaming Pumpkin Pet Skin
  • Blue Flaming Pumpkin Pet Skin
  • Walking Grave Pet Skin
  • Cauldron Pet Skin
  • Mini Cauldron Pet Skin
  • Giant Vampire Bat Pet Skin
  • Mini Ghost God Pet Skin
  • Skelly Penguin Pet Skin
  • Evil Ghost Pet Skin
  • Mini Cauldron Pet Skin
  • Flying Eyeball Pet Skin
  • Witch Hat Rat Pet Skin
  • Reaper Pet Skin

New character skins:

New pet skins:

Come back for your Blood and Spirit Free Pack from Oct. 26th – 30th:

Other changes:

  • Realm Dungeons now drop with Dungeon Mods with slightly more frequency.
  • Gods in the godlands (especially the rarer ones) have had tweaks on their loot tables. Amongst several adjustments to the drop rates, now T9 Weapons and T10 Armors now drop more consistently. The Headless Horseman can also drop Rainbow Potions.
  • HP/MP potions are now more frequently dropped by godlands monsters
  • Lost Halls monsters’ loot tables have been adjusted. In general, most drops are slightly more frequent now.
  • Added new music tracks to:
    • Davy Jones’s Locker (“Sunken”, by Aiden Strozzi)
    • Pirate Cave (“Scallywag”, by Aiden Strozzi)
    • Snake Pit (“Viperidae”, by Aiden Strozzi)
    • Abyss of Demons (“Belial”, by Aiden Strozzi)
    • Undead Lair (“Mortuus”, by Aiden Strozzi)
    • Halloween Nexus (“Boo”, by 2Scallions )

Aiden Strozzi can be found on Instagram
2Scallions can be found on Instagram and Bandcamp
The tracks will soon be available on Youtube

  • Updated sprite credits on Nail Gun, Spatula Dagger, Sawblade Katana, Hammer Sword, Measuring Wand, and Screwdriver Staff.
  • Hammer Sword’s projectile now rotates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where certain dungeon portals could still be spawned on top of other portals.
  • Fixed a problem with the Gardener where the enemy spawned too many watering cans in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon mods were not applied to dungeons dropping from encounters.
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