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Hello Antinomized Realmers,

This week you’ll get two updates that will change the way RotMG is played. In two days you’ll get the reworked version of The Shatters. But today, you get the first.

Dungeon Modifiers

Say hi to the new Dungeon Modifiers system! Hoping you will learn a little bit more about the new feature that will forever change how you explore dungeons.

Now, dungeons can spawn with Dungeon Modifiers (or Dungeon Mods, for short). You can now hover over the portal to see a full description of the Dungeon Mods it has.

Dungeon Mods can be “positive” to you (green color) or “negative” (red color), in the sense that they can increase or decrease the risk of the dungeon, and the rewards you can obtain from it.

Once you are inside a Dungeon, you can quickly see the Dungeon Mods applied to it. Press the “Log”  key (default: K) and you will see a list.


If the dungeon has Dungeon Mods, then it will have a Grade. The Grade of a dungeon will indicate, as an overall measurement, how intense the Dungeon Mods of that dungeon are. The best (and the most dangerous) Dungeon Mods belong to the highest grades. It’s important to note that Dungeons spawned in the realm do not always spawn with Dungeon Mods.

As we think the Grade of a Dungeon might be an interesting factor for you, the Portal itself has a highlighted border of the color of the Grade. This might help you identify them faster. 

Quick color reference:

Furthermore, if you hold the Quick-Look key (default: CONTROL (Win) / COMMAND (Mac)) you will also see the name and grade of the Dungeon portal.

Another interesting usability tip: if you hold the Quick-Look key (CONTROL(Win)/COMMAND(Mac)) and click on a Dungeon portal, you will do a Callout. 

Everyone in the same realm as you will get a Notification about this Dungeon. You don’t need to type “wlab” in the chat anymore if you don’t want to! 😉 

Of course this quality of life feature also works with normal portals that don’t have Dungeon Mods.

Difficulty rating

The Difficulty rating of Dungeons was changed from the previous design: now it supports up to 10 “gravestones” of difficulty. The more “gravestones”, the harder the dungeon is. The Dungeon Mods on a particular Dungeon can also affect this difficulty rating. 

When you enter a dungeon, you will also see this new Difficulty meter in the loading screen.


Keys can have Dungeon Mods too! Hover over the tooltip to show a description of any Dungeon Mods it can have. So you can see which ones it has before you use it.

And the coolest of all, try CTRL+Clicking a Key to open the Key Refining Panel where you can manipulate the Dungeon Mods of a Key!

These are the operations you can do:

  • Upgrade a “normal” Key to “D Grade”.
  • Upgrade a modded Key to any Grade you want.
  • Reroll a modded Key, discarding the current Dungeon Mods and replacing them with new ones.
  • Downgrade a Key to a previous Grade.
  • Reset a Key completely, stripping it out of any mods whatsoever.

Bear in mind that any upgrade or reroll operation has a Gold cost. Downgrading and resetting has no cost.

Want to know more? What is the list of Dungeon Mods?

We have prepared a more detailed guide to go with this release. Please follow the link to find an extensive list of all the Dungeon Mods in the current version!

Other changes:

  • A counter now shows how many characters (from a total 128) you can input before the message is too long to send. 
  • Void and Daeva Prisons now spawn 10 minutes after a Realm opens.

Known bug:
We have noticed that The Shatters have stopped dropping tokens. While the tokens will be back in the new Shatters, for now you can do the once-per-day Tokens of the King quest to make up for it.

New Skins:

Known Bug:

  •  Mods are not working inside the vault. Please, exit the vault in order to pop a modded Key. We are working on this, and we will be fixing it with the next release.

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