Dungeon Modifiers: An overview

Development Update

This is an exhaustive list of Dungeon Modifiers released on version 2.0.2

What is a Dungeon Modifier?

A Dungeon Modifier (“Dungeon Mod” or just “Mod” for short) is a concept you might be familiar with if you play RPGs assiduously. 

In short, a Dungeon Mod is a “rule” that alters how a particular dungeon is played. This means that you can see the same dungeon but with different Dungeon Mods! 

There are also different variants of Dungeon Mods, each with a certain level of “intensity”, that will either increase your reward (or risk!) or lower it.

Needless to say, there are a lot of Dungeon Mods. We are releasing our first batch, mostly centered on different aspects of dungeons, like altering how strong the enemies inside are, or how rewarding the dungeons are. In the future, we want to expand on this system which opens unique and exciting possibilities!

The first and most obvious change you will see is that now, you can hover over Dungeon Portals to see a more exhaustive description of the Dungeon Mods it has. You can also see more things like the Difficulty rate of a particular dungeon and its Grade.

Once you are inside a Dungeon, you can quickly see the Dungeon Mods applied to it. Press the “Log”  key (default: K) and you will see a list.

Bosses and Minions

Dungeon Mods target either “bosses” or “minions”. But we know this is a broad categorization, so expect some flexibility for each specific case. 

Realm has a lot of variety and there are multiple “weird” cases: secret bosses, multiple bosses, minions that are really entities spawned from a boss, etc.

In all cases, Dungeon Mods targeting Bosses that give some kind of reward, like additional or extra loot, are applied to only “one” entity in the dungeon. 

However if the Dungeon Mod affects gameplay (for example the “Tough Boss I“ will make the boss have more Defense) it will also affect minibosses and anything we consider part of the fight itself, like soldiers that spawn directly from the boss, as they can’t really be considered “minions” in the sense of them being an integral part of the boss fight.

In case of multiple and secret bosses, the same philosophy is followed. Any gameplay-affecting Dungeon Mods are applied to all these entities, but only one of them can give you the reward/loot/XP benefits if there’s a Dungeon Mod with such an effect.

Each case is different and we will be reviewing the data and feedback as we adjust the feature in future releases.

Multiple-level floors

In general, and with some exceptions, if a dungeon has Dungeon Mods applied to it and it has multiple levels (for example you can descend to the Inner Sanctum through the Ice Cave), the inner levels will keep the same Dungeon Mods as the dungeon you come from. 


A new element linked to the Dungeon Mod system is the Grade of the dungeons. There are 5 Grades a Dungeon can be ranging from Grade D (the lowest) to Grade S (the highest). 

You can think of the Grade as how “intense” Dungeon Mods can be on a Dungeon. For example, a Grade D Dungeon will only have Dungeon Mods that are quite moderate (either for the good or for the bad). However, for a  Grade S dungeon, the most extreme Dungeon Mods can apply, but that also includes the most desirable rewards.

There is some variability, but there is a set maximum number of Dungeon Mods that each Grade can hold:

GradeMaximum number of Dungeon Mods
Grade D2 Dungeon Mods
Grade C3 Dungeon Mods
Grade B3 Dungeon Mods
Grade A3 Dungeon Mods
Grade S4 Dungeon Mods

Risk and Reward

Although luck is involved in the system, the Dungeon Mods tend to balance risk and reward. That means that if you get a very powerful “risk” (for example a Dungeon Mod that makes the enemies more resistant) the system will try to pair it with a similarly powerful “reward” (for example a Dungeon Mod that increases the loot you get from it!).

Bear in mind that by design this balance is not strict, which means that luck plays a factor. 

Sometimes dungeons will be slightly tweaked towards being more or less difficult, but the threshold is usually towards balance. The overall difficulty change (that will either make it easier or more difficult) is reflected in the total Difficulty score of the dungeon that you can see in the tooltip. 

Key Refinement

When it comes to Keys, things get interesting.

For starters, you can use your old, trusted keys as you have till now. They will just open the dungeon without Dungeon Mods. You can use them to play the Dungeon “as is”.

However, Keys can have Dungeon Mods now. The Key’s tooltip will show you any Dungeon Mods (and Grade) applied to it, if any. That means that you will know which Grade and Dungeon Mods the dungeon will have before opening it!

Notice also the little new addition at the bottom of the tooltip:

Use CTRL(CMD in Mac)+Click on the Key to open the Key Refinement Panel.

From this panel, you can see any Dungeon Mod the Key has (if any). The neat thing is that you can also manipulate the Key if you don’t like the Mods it has! This opens a whole new world of possibilities.


For one, you can Upgrade or Downgrade your Key to change it to a higher Grade. Bear in mind the upgrading operation has a Gold cost.

For example, let’s say you got a C-Grade Key for Fungal Cavern. It has some Dungeon Mods, but you want to step up the challenge for yourself and your guildmates. Of course, you want to also try and get better rewards from it! 

So you can try to Upgrade your key to the next Grade (Grade B). The current Dungeon Mods will be discarded and new ones (now within the power appropriate for Grade B) will replace them.

Beware that this operation will remove all the Dungeon Mods the Key has and replace them with new ones that will be “re-rolled” according to the new Grade the Key has! 

It’s not possible to selectively remove specific Dungeon Mods.

In case you are wondering, there’s no limit for a Dungeon to be upgraded (or downgraded), from D to S tier. So it’s perfectly possible to play a Grade-S Pirate Cave. Prepare for a whole new experience!


You can always do the opposite operation and “downgrade” a key to one Grade below. Same as with upgrading, it will remove all Dungeon Mods and reroll them in the Grade below. 

Downgrading is a free operation.


There’s also the possibility of just re-rolling them without changing the Grade. This operation, same as Upgrading, has a cost in Gold. 

Reset your key

If you want the “vanilla” experience, you always have the possibility of “resetting” your key and transform it into a normal key, for free.  

If a Key is reset to a normal key, all its Dungeon Mods will be removed and it will just open the normal version of the Dungeon.

Upgrade a non-modded key

The reverse operation is also possible: you can convert a normal Key into a modded Key through the Key Refinement panel. It will become a D Grade Key with random Mods, which of course you can also upgrade or reroll as you want. Bear in mind that converting a normal Key into a modded one also has a cost.

For the time being, you can meddle with Keys as you want, but in the future, we want to offer you unique possibilities thanks to our unique Key Refinement system.

Keys with unique playstyle combinations, twists on existing dungeons for solo PPE players, and all kinds of “challenge” Keys that we hope will be really fun and varied!

Overall, we hope you like this new system. As a new layer in the game systems, it brings exciting possibilities that we want to expand upon. We will also stay vigilant and see how it develops, gather data, and listen to your feedback.

List of Dungeon Modifiers

On the date of this guide’s last update, sorted by name A-Z.

Dungeon ModifierGradeDescription
Agent of OryxABoss can drop Agent of Oryx Shards
BisSBoss will drop a portal to the same dungeon
Bored Minions IDMinions’ projectiles have 10% less lifetime
Bored Minions IICMinions’ projectiles have 20% less lifetime
Bored Minions IIIBMinions’ projectiles have 30% less lifetime
Bulky Minions IDMinions have 25% more HP
Bulky Minions IICMinions have 50% more HP
Bulky Minions IIIBMinions have 100% more HP
ChefBBoss has a 33% chance of dropping a food item
ColorfulDBoss always drops a Color Dye
DimitusBDimitus will appear after the Boss is defeated
Dull Minions IDMinions’ projectiles travel 10% slower
Dull Minions IICMinions’ projectiles travel 15% slower
Dull Minions IIIBMinions’ projectiles travel 30% slower
Dull Minions IVAMinions’ projectiles travel 45% slower
Elite Boss ICBoss enemies have 15% more HP
Elite Boss IIABoss enemies have 30% more HP
Elite Boss IIISBoss enemies have 45% more HP
Energized Minions IDMinions’ projectiles have 10% more lifetime
Energized Minions IICMinions’ projectiles have 20% more lifetime
Energized Minions IIIBMinions’ projectiles have 30% more lifetime
Feeble Boss ICBoss enemies have 8% less DEF
Feeble Boss IIBBoss enemies have 16% less DEF
Feeble Boss IIIABoss enemies have 24% less DEF
Feeble Boss IVSBoss enemies have 32% less DEF
Feeble Minions ICMinions have 8% less DEF
Feeble Minions IIBMinions have 16% less DEF
Feeble Minions IIIAMinions have 24% less DEF
Feeble Minions IVSMinions have 32% less DEF
Ferocious Boss ICBoss enemies deal 8% more DMG
Ferocious Boss IIBBoss enemies deal 16% more DMG
Ferocious Boss IIIABoss enemies deal 24% more DMG
Ferocious Boss IVSBoss enemies deal 32% more DMG
Ferocious Minions IDMinions deal 16% more DMG
Ferocious Minions IICMinions deal 24% more DMG
Ferocious Minions IIIBMinions deal 32% more DMG
GenerousBBoss has a 10% chance of dropping a Quest Chest
Guaranteed Stat PotionCBoss enemies will always drop a Stat Potion
Keen Minions IDMinions’ projectiles travel 8% faster
Keen Minions IICMinions’ projectiles travel 16% faster
Keen Minions IIIBMinions’ projectiles travel 24% faster
Keen Minions IVAMinions’ projectiles travel 40% faster
Lazy Minions ICMinions attack 10% slower
Lazy Minions IIBMinions attack 20% slower
Lazy Minions IIIAMinions attack 30% slower
Mystery Stat PotionCBoss always drops a Mystery Stat Potion
Noble BossSAfter completion Oryx’s Court dungeons will spawn
Pet CollectorCBoss has a 25% chance of dropping an Egg
PrismimicAPrismimic will appear after the Boss is defeated
Rewards Boost (Boss) IDBoss enemies give 15% more loot
Rewards Boost (Boss) IICBoss enemies give 30% more loot
Rewards Boost (Boss) IIIBBoss enemies give 45% more loot
Rewards Boost (Boss) IVABoss enemies give 60% more loot
Rewards Boost (Boss) VSBoss enemies give 75% more loot
Rewards Boost (Minions) IDMinions give 50% more loot
Rewards Boost (Minions) IICMinions give 100% more loot
Rewards Decrease (Minions) IDMinions give 25% less loot
Rewards Decrease (Minions) IICMinions give 50% less loot
Skilled Minions ICMinions attack 10% faster
Skilled Minions IIBMinions attack 20% faster
Skilled Minions IIIAMinions attack 30% faster
Souvenir 1ATriples your chance of boss dropping an iconic reward
Souvenir 2SQuadruples your chance of boss dropping an iconic reward
SurvivorDMinions have higher chance of dropping Health/Mana Potions
Tame Boss ICBoss enemies deal 8% less DMG
Tame Boss IIBBoss enemies deal 16% less DMG
Tame Boss IIIABoss enemies deal 24% less DMG
Tame Boss IVSBoss enemies deal 32% less DMG
Tame Minions IDMinions deal 16% less DMG
Tame Minions IICMinions deal 24% less DMG
Tame Minions IIIBMinions deal 32% less DMG
Tough Boss ICBoss enemies have 8% more DEF
Tough Boss IIBBoss enemies have 16% more DEF
Tough Boss IIIABoss enemies have 24% more DEF
Tough Boss IVSBoss enemies have 32% more DEF
Tough Minions ICMinions have 8% more DEF
Tough Minions IIBMinions have 16% more DEF
Tough Minions IIIAMinions have 24% more DEF
Tough Minions IVSMinions have 32% more DEF
Weak Boss ICBoss enemies have 15% less HP
Weak Boss IIABoss enemies have 30% less HP
Weak Boss IIISBoss enemies have 45% less HP
Weak Minions IDMinions have 20% less HP
Weak Minions IICMinions have 30% less HP
Weak Minions IIIBMinions have 40% less HP
XP Boost (Boss) IDBoss enemies give 15% more XP
XP Boost (Boss) IICBoss enemies give 30% more XP
XP Boost (Boss) IIIBBoss enemies give 45% more XP
XP Boost (Boss) IVABoss enemies give 60% more XP
XP Boost (Boss) VSBoss enemies give 75% more XP
XP Boost (Minions) IDMinions give 50% more XP
XP Boost (Minions) IICMinions give 100% more XP
XP Decrease (Minions) IDMinions give 25% less XP
XP Decrease (Minions) IICMinions give 50% less XP


This section contains a list of dungeons that can spawn in the realm (and a few relevant others, like some event-tied dungeons). You can see the probability of each dungeon spawning with a certain Grade, which will determine how good the “extra rewards” are (and also how riskier it gets for compensation). Remember a dungeon can also spawn without Dungeon Mods at all.

At present time; Oryx’s Castle, Wine Cellar, Oryx’s Sanctuary and Court of Oryx don’t naturally generate with Dungeon Modifiers. Certain other dungeons that you don’t see here have different particularities or don’t spawn with Dungeon Mods at all.

Dungeon Keys do not follow this system, as they can be upgraded or downgraded to any Grade you want, or be stripped of all mods if you desire so..

Probability of spawning with Grade

DungeonGrade DGrade CGrade BGrade AGrade S
Pirate Cave50%
Forest Maze50%
Spider Den30%20%
Forbidden Jungle30%20%
The Hive30%20%
Sprite World20%30%
Snake Pit20%30%
Magic Woods20%30%
Cave of A Thousand Treasures10%25%15%
Ancient Ruins10%25%15%
Candyland Hunting Grounds10%25%15%
Undead Lair10%25%15%
Manor of the Immortals10%25%15%
Mad Lab10%20%20%
Abyss of Demons10%20%20%
Puppet Master’s Theatre10%20%20%
Toxic Sewers10%20%20%
Cursed Library10%20%20%
Haunted Cemetery5%15%20%10%
Davy Jones’ Locker5%15%20%10%
The Third Dimension5%15%20%10%
The Crawling Depths5%15%20%10%
Ice Cave5%15%20%10%
Woodland Labyrinth5%15%20%10%
Ocean Trench5%15%20%10%
Mountain Temple5%15%20%10%
Parasite Chambers5%15%20%10%
Deadwater Docks5%15%20%10%
Lair of Draconis5%15%20%10%
Tomb of the Ancients5%15%20%10%
Ice Tomb5%15%25%5%
Secluded Thicket5%15%25%5%
The Shatters5%15%25%5%
Fungal Cavern5%15%25%5%
The Nest5%15%25%5%
Lost Halls5%15%25%5%
Belladonna’s Garden5%15%20%10%
The Machine5%15%20%10%

Dungeon Mods sorted by Grade

In order to better check which Dungeon Mods can appear in which Grades, here is a quick reference. The Dungeon Mods marked with ” 🟆 ” tend to appear with high probability, although only one of them can appear at once. 

🟆Survivor 🟆 Pet Collector 🟆 Chef 🟆 Souvenir I 🟆 Souvenir II
🟆 Colorful 🟆 Guaranteed Stat Potion 🟆 Generous 🟆 Prismimic 🟆 Bis
🟆 XP Boost (Boss) I 🟆 Mystery Stat Potion 🟆 Dimitus 🟆 Agent of Oryx 🟆 Noble Boss
🟆 Rewards Boost (Boss) I 🟆 XP Boost (Boss) II 🟆 XP Boost (Boss) III 🟆 XP Boost (Boss) IV 🟆 XP Boost (Boss) V
Weak Minions I 🟆 Rewards Boost (Boss) II 🟆 Rewards Boost (Boss) III 🟆 Rewards Boost (Boss) IV 🟆 Rewards Boost (Boss) V
Tame Minions IWeak Minions IIWeak Minions IIIWeak Boss IIWeak Boss III
Dull Minions IWeak Boss ITame Minions IIITame Boss IIITame Boss IV
Bored Minions ITame Minions IITame Boss IIFeeble Minions IIIFeeble Minions IV
XP Boost (Minions) ITame Boss IFeeble Minions IIFeeble Boss IIIFeeble Boss IV
Rewards Boost (Minions) IFeeble Minions IFeeble Boss IIDull Minions IVElite Boss III
Bulky Minions IFeeble Boss IDull Minions IIILazy Minions IIIFerocious Boss IV
Ferocious Minions IDull Minions IIBored Minions IIIElite Boss IITough Minions IV
Keen Minions IBored Minions IILazy Minions IIFerocious Boss IIITough Boss IV
Energized Minions ILazy Minions IBulky Minions IIITough Minions III
XP Decrease (Minions) IXP Boost (Minions) IIFerocious Minions IIITough Boss III
Rewards Decrease (Minions) IRewards Boost (Minions) IIFerocious Boss IIKeen Minions IV
Bulky Minions IITough Minions IISkilled Minions III
Elite Boss ITough Boss II
Ferocious Minions IIKeen Minions III
Ferocious Boss IEnergized Minions III
Tough Minions ISkilled Minions II
Tough Boss I
Keen Minions II
Energized Minions II
Skilled Minions I
XP Decrease (Minions) II
Rewards Decrease (Minions) II

Additional Tables


Souvenir I and II increase the chance of an “iconic” piece of UT gear, usually typical or highly desired in that dungeon. The iconic piece is the same for both Souvenir I and Souvenir II.


Chef is a Dungeon Mod that can drop a food item depending on the dungeon.

Pet Collector

Pet Collector is a Dungeon Mod that can drop a pet egg, depending on the dungeon. It will never drop an egg with a rarity over Rare.

A note on multi-level dungeons: Some multi-level dungeons can have different associated items for Chef, Pet Collector and Souvenir Dungeon Mods. Some of them don’t even have a boss like Ice Cave (which boss is in the Inner Sanctum) but we have still defined data for them in case of events or future Dungeon Mods that make use of this feature.

DungeonChefPet CollectorSouvenir
BeachzonePower PizzaUncommon Avian EggLime Jungle Bay
Pirate CaveSoft DrinkCommon Humanoid EggCorsair Ring
Forest MazeSoft DrinkCommon Woodland EggBramble Bow
Spider DenSoft DrinkCommon Insect EggPoison Fang Dagger
Forbidden JungleFriesCommon Spooky EggStaff of the Crystal Serpent
The HiveFriesCommon Insect EggHoney Scepter Supreme
Candyland Hunting GroundsFriesCommon Humanoid EggCandy-Coated Armor
Snake PitFriesCommon Reptile EggWand of the Bulwark
Ancient RuinsFriesCommon Exotic EggArcane Rapier
Magic WoodsFriesCommon Woodland EggEnchantment Orb
Sprite WorldFriesCommon ???? EggStaff of Extreme Prejudice
Cave of A Thousand TreasuresFriesCommon Avian EggCloak of the Planewalker
Mad LabGreat TacoUncommon Exotic EggRobe of the Mad Scientist
Manor of the ImmortalsGreat TacoUncommon Spooky EggTome of Purification
Puppet Master’s TheatreGreat TacoUncommon ???? EggPrism of Dancing Swords
Abyss of DemonsGreat TacoUncommon Reptile EggDemon Blade
Cursed LibraryGreat TacoUncommon Spooky EggCorruption Cutter
Toxic SewersGreat TacoCommon Aquatic EggVoid Blade
Undead LairGreat TacoUncommon Spooky EggDoom Bow
The Crawling DepthsPower PizzaUncommon Insect EggDoku No Ken
Davy Jones’ LockerPower PizzaUncommon Penguin EggSpirit Dagger
Haunted CemeteryPower PizzaUncommon Spooky EggPlague Poison
Ice TombPower PizzaUncommon Aquatic EggFrimarra
MalogiaPower PizzaUncommon Automaton EggComet of Calamity
UntarisPower PizzaUncommon Automaton EggSnowblind Wand
KatalundPower PizzaUncommon Automaton EggBlazon Bow
Ice CavePower PizzaUncommon Automaton EggSkullish Remains of Esben
The MachinePower PizzaRare Automaton EggFool’s Prism
The Inner WorkingsChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieRare Automaton EggLullaby
Puppet Master’s EncoreGreat TacoUncommon ???? EggThousand Shot
Belladonna’s GardenChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieUncommon Farm EggHanagasaku
Woodland LabyrinthChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieUncommon Woodland EggLeaf Bow
Ocean TrenchChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieCommon Aquatic EggCoral Bow
Tomb of the AncientsChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieUncommon ???? EggRing of the Pyramid
ForaxChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieUncommon Automaton EggCorrosion Cutter
Lair of DraconisChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieUncommon Reptile EggMidnight Star
Mountain TempleChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieRare Feline EggOrb of Aether
Parasite ChambersChocolate Cream Sandwich CookieUncommon Farm EggScepter of Devastation
The ShattersGrapes of WrathRare Humanoid EggThe Forgotten Crown
Cnidarian ReefGrapes of WrathRare Aquatic EggCnidaria Rod
Deadwater DocksGrapes of WrathRare Penguin EggPirate King’s Cutlass
High Tech TerrorGrapes of WrathRare ???? EggE.Y.E.
Lair of ShaitanGrapes of WrathRare Reptile EggSkull of Endless Torment
Secluded ThicketGrapes of WrathRare Avian EggPenetrating Blast Spell
The Third DimensionGrapes of WrathRare Exotic EggCloak of Cubic Enigma
The NestSuperburgerRare Insect EggHivemaster Helm
Fungal CavernSuperburgerRare Penguin EggSporous Spray Spell
Crystal CavernSuperburgerRare Farm EggStar of Enlightenment
Lost HallsDouble Cheeseburger DeluxeRare Automaton EggSword of the Colossus
Cultist HideoutSuperburgerRare Humanoid EggSkull of Corrupted Souls
The VoidDouble Cheeseburger DeluxeRare Spooky EggOmnipotence Ring
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