Open testing: 03 and Shatters

Development Update


In this open testing, you’ll be able to train for your O3s – there will be an O3 event on production soon – and Shatters runs. We will have portals spawning in the Nexus and all the gear that you’ll ever need – for free – in the shop.… Read more “Open testing: 03 and Shatters”

Next Round of Easter Events!

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Hello, Realmers!

We hope you are enjoying the currently running events as much as we do. As always you can have a look at our Event Calendar to not miss out on anything that is coming up.

We already want to tell you that we are going to try out a different approach to the way we are doing events in the near future.… Read more “Next Round of Easter Events!”

Open Testing: Stat Stacking

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Welcome to this testing session! This week we are inviting you to test the Realms directly! We have made some fairly simple, but hopefully effective changes to speed up the pacing of Realms! 

Please note that:

You need to select “Testing” from the upper right launcher menu in order to enter this testing session.… Read more “Open Testing: Stat Stacking”

Upcoming Easter Events!



The Easter Events are in full swing. To make sure you are aware of all upcoming and running Events and the respective loot we are going to have a quick view at what is happening in the Realm. You can have a look at our Event Calendar.… Read more “Upcoming Easter Events!”

Update 2.3 – Elemental Easter

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

The newest update to Realm is coming today! New exciting things are coming to Realm. Two dungeons long in need of a touch-up — the Mountain Temple and Lair of Draconis — are finally hitting the live game with many great gameplay changes, we hope you enjoy the experience these refreshed dungeons will now bring!… Read more “Update 2.3 – Elemental Easter”

Open Testing: Elemental

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This is the big testing session that will precede Easter. So we, once again, loaded the session with many of the cool stuff we want to release. Take a look!

Please note that you’ll need to join the Testing Server (upper right corner of your screen) so that you can join this session.… Read more “Open Testing: Elemental”

The Elemental Equinox Event!



The Saint Patrick’s Day Event is in full swing! Grab your weapons and go hunt the Leprechaun. May the Four Leaf Clover be on your side.
While you are busy with hunting said foe, we have news about what comes next.… Read more “The Elemental Equinox Event!”