Some glorious loot awaits!

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Hello Realmers,

This week’s event will take place on Lair of Draconis and Tomb of the Ancients. It will start on Friday 25th, June at 12 PM UTC and finish on Monday, the 28th, at the same time. On top of getting 1.5 x the regular loot for these dungeons and XP, you’ll be able to enjoy a few different drops: 

  • The Grand Sphinx will have a chance to drop the Mini Nut Archer Skin; 
  • Geb in Tomb of the Ancients may drop Crystal of Fortune x20; Sand Wanderer Trickster Skin and Mini Sphinx Pet Skin;
  • The Rock Dragon can drop Wicked Dragon Wizard Skin;  
  • The Ivory Wyvern in the Lair of Draconis can drop Crystal of Fortune x20, Water Battlemaiden Sorcerer Skin, and Vermillion Dragon Pet Skin.

It’s a Pirate Event, Aye!

Development Update

Arrrr Realmers,

You’ll find many treasures at Deadwater Docks and Davy Jones’ Locker from today, Friday, 06-18-2021, 12:00 UTC to Tuesday, 06-22-2021, 12:00 UTC. After killing the final bosses in these dungeons you’ll find a chest with extra loot. Some say it’s the pirate’s treasure, waiting there for the taking.… Read more “It’s a Pirate Event, Aye!”

Meet SiennaSky


Hello Realmers,

She already did a face reveal on one of our streams and you may find her there again one of these days. A valuable member of the Customer Support team and our own Yoga Teacher. Meet Sienna Sky.

IGN, Nationality and Age?

Read more “Meet SiennaSky”

Best of Reddit

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Hello Realmers,

We have been preparing tomorrow’s release and I can tell you that, although short, these release notes will please your ears. In the meanwhile, please take a look at this week’s best of Reddit posts. Please make sure to give some love to the authors on the Reddit thread.… Read more “Best of Reddit”

The Shattered Kingdom – final update

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Congratulations Realmers,

For finishing the campaign ahead of time! All the Tiers have been reached during the weekend!
We promise to bring more campaigns like this in the future, and maybe even more challenging!

Stay “tuned” for tomorrow’s release!  

The Shattered Kingdom update #5 – New tiers

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Hello Realmers,

Wow! You’ve really blown those tiers out of the park! And because of that, we decided to reward with 3 additional Tiers. What is that? Do I see a Character Slot in the last one? I guess this would be a great time to bring your friends into the game, especially because of all the stuff we have been giving away or discounting, like this Fame Picnic Pack that you may find in game from Saturday 12th, to Wednesday, the 16th.… Read more “The Shattered Kingdom update #5 – New tiers”