Art Contest Reminder

Development Update


The Art Contest is already running over 1 week and we have received a lot of Art already! If you are still interested in taking part in the Event, here is a small reminder for you. 


  • Rank 1: Skin of choice* – 8000g – 3x Apple of Extreme Maxening
  • Rank 2: Skin of choice* – 6000g – 2x Apple of Extreme Maxening
  • Rank 3: Skin of choice* – 4000g – 1x Apple of Extreme Maxening
  • Rank 4: Pet Skin of choice* – 2000g
  • Rank 5: Pet Skin of choice* – 1500g
  • Rank 6-10: 2 Candy of Choice – 1000g
  • Bonus: Random Winner picked from all entries: 1000g

    To make sure everyone has a chance of winning even if you are not blessed with creating Art, we will pick 1 random winner from all entries.
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Art Contest 2022

Development Update


It has been a while since we asked you to show us your best Art Skills. We already receive several new cool things every week on our social media channels so why not turn this into a little competition? 

Starting from the 10th of August until the 7th of September you will be able to show us your best and greatest Skills when it comes to creating Art!… Read more “Art Contest 2022”

Update Month of the Mad God

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The long-awaited time of the year has finally arrived. After today’s maintenance Realm of the Mad God Exalt will celebrate the Month of the Mad God. This Update offers new ways of experiencing your time in the realm with six brand new weapon types, two class reworks, the introduction of the Battlepass the Vindication Event and so much more.… Read more “Update Month of the Mad God”

Sub Zero II Event

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It’s getting hotter and hotter outside in the so-called… real world. While Oryx is still recovering from Thessal being beaten to dirt again and again, it’s time to enjoy some refreshers and cool down the Realms. Starting on the 19th of July at 12 AM UTC, until the 2nd of August at 12 AM UTC, the Sub Zero II Event will make sure you feel cooler. … Read more “Sub Zero II Event”

Oryxmania Winner and Free Pack



Our beloved Mermaid, Thessal fought like a beast and was in the most fights out of our 4 Bosses. Even though underwater, her performance could be mistaken for one akin to a fish on land therefore Oryx is ”very” satisfied with her performance. … Read more “Oryxmania Winner and Free Pack”

Public Testing – Let’s fight crashes

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Heroes of the Realm!

Last Friday we started another session of our Public Testing. Unfortunately we ran into several issues that lead to disconnects and crashes of the servers. In order to fully test and investigate the problem, we decided to do another round of testing!… Read more “Public Testing – Let’s fight crashes”

Update – Adaptive HP Scaling

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Hello Realmers,

Oryxmania is over and the Month of the Mad God is around the corner. We can already feel the air bubbling with excitement for what’s to come. In the meanwhile, we wanted to implement this Adaptive HP Scaling as we believe it is going to improve the overall game experience.… Read more “Update – Adaptive HP Scaling”