A Freshen-up Event (and a goodbye)

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Hello Realmers,

Is this summer getting too hot to handle? Chill out with this cool event on Ice Cave and Ice Tomb. Both dungeons will have Chest events associated with their completion. The event on Ice Cave starts on Friday, the 16th of July, at 12 PM UTC and lasts till Monday, 19th at 12 PM UTC.… Read more “A Freshen-up Event (and a goodbye)”

Meet Seelpit

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Hello Realmers,

She’s from the Netherlands and wants to help to streamline the medical process in the future. She would also have a great future in the post-apocalyptic Fallout scenario as she… collects bottle caps. Meet Seelpit:

What is your day job?

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Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!

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Hello Realmers,

Commander Calbrik decided to invade again and he even set the date: Wednesday, 7th of July, at 12 PM UTC. The quests have some very interesting loot waiting for the brave heroes who stand against him and defend the Realm.… Read more “Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!”

Meet Demonterx


Hello Realmers,

Don’t get fooled by his IGN, this guy is closer to an angel or the opposite of the Harry Potter soul-devouring ghosts. He is 27, comes from India, and has a real passion for motorbikes. Meet Demonterx.

What is your job?

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Update – Star Ranks

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Hello, shiny Realmers,

In this update, we reshaped the Star Ranks, re-decorated the Nexus, and fixed a few bugs.

If you got curious and want to know more, here are the changes that affect the game:

Star Ranks

For those of you who have seen and tried the new Star Ranks, we would like you to know that we gathered your feedback and it’s being taken into consideration.… Read more “Update – Star Ranks”

Best of Reddit

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Hello Realmers,

Let me start by saying that we are preparing the most EPIC MotMG you’ve ever seen. Tomorrow we will be releasing the new STs for paladin and trickster and many other new features.

Here are the best threads of Reddit for the past week:

The homage

The easter egg

10/10 would watch

Order or Discord? A Story of War VI

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Hello Realmers,

Today we are excited to be announcing the bonus program “Story of War VI.” At the end of the post, you’ll also be able to see July’s login calendar.

We are sure most of you are already familiar with how the Story of War goes, but we will explain it anyway:

The bonus program is a time-limited event that can be accessed in the Shop.… Read more “Order or Discord? A Story of War VI”