Update New shop and stability improvements

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Hello Realmers,

This update brings you the (almost complete) new shop experience. While we will still add new features to it, this is pretty much the new UI we wanted to present you with. Please let us know in the comments what are your thoughts on it.… Read more “Update New shop and stability improvements”

A Story of Love cannot be rushed

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image by SaturnZCheery

Romantic Realmers,

This Valentine’s Day, we dream of the untold story of the King and Queen of the Shattered Kingdom. Their unfortunate fates are known today, but is anything recorded of their courtly life at the height of the Kingdom, before Oryx the gladiator made his grab for power?… Read more “A Story of Love cannot be rushed”

The Lunar Event is here!

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We wish you a most excellent Year of the Water Tiger. May it be a happy one. In honor of the Tiger, let’s go slay some Dragons.

As mentioned on Wednesday, today starts the next Community Campaign! While you might already know some of the details, here is a full rundown of everything you need to know!… Read more “The Lunar Event is here!”

Fan Art Showroom #2

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Creative Realmers,

Here we are once more to show the world that we have the most creative fans in the history of video games? Not sure? Check these out.

To participate you can submit your art through the fan content section of this website, or just post on any of our social media or discussion forums.… Read more “Fan Art Showroom #2”