New Weapon Types! Part 1

Development Update


Today we are going to share with you some information regarding our new weapon subtypes. They are going to be introduced into the game later this year. We prepared six different ones for all of you guys to enjoy. Here are three of them.… Read more “New Weapon Types! Part 1”

Into Shards and Pieces 3

Development Update


Roughly one year ago the last Into Shards and Pieces took place! Now it is time for the third iteration is on its way into the game. From the 12th of May until the 16th of May you will be able to visit four different dungeons to gain some amazing loot.… Read more “Into Shards and Pieces 3”

Open Testing: O3 and Shatters

Development Update


This weeks testing session is mainly for the DECA Team to have a look at systems internally and the preparation for future content to test the technical side of things. So how does training O3 and Shatters sound to you?… Read more “Open Testing: O3 and Shatters”

Update – Stat Stacking

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Hello Realmers,

April is soon coming to an end and with it our special Events in Realm. Today’s Update changes the April Fools re-skins and names back to normal and also removes the Easter Campaign Tokens and their associated points. Down below you can find out more about the upcoming changes to stat stacking for items and consumables.… Read more “Update – Stat Stacking”

Solz: the content creator on call


His name is Phoenix J Stryker, a 23-year-old Maori/European that lives in New Zealand and is one of our most recent partnered content creators. Meet Solz.

Is making content your main activity? 

Actually no, although I wish It was, my main activity is Software Development and Aviation (Fixed wing).… Read more “Solz: the content creator on call”