Open Testing and a helping hand

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Hello Realmers,

Thank Oryx it’s Friday! Ready to relax with your favorite game? In case you feel like you are a bit rusty in some dungeons, you can use today’s Open Testing session as training for the real deal. If you select Testing on the top right of the launcher you’ll be able to join us and play with all the keys that we left (for free) in the shop.… Read more “Open Testing and a helping hand”

Open Testing: “Put a ring on it!”

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

Today we ask you to try out some features of the next release: In our Testing environment, you’ll find the Light Nexus as the Daeva fight back against the forces of the Void. 

You’ll also find an Antinomy Artifact: a very special ring that can be crafted by combining Ember of the Void and Ember of Daeva.… Read more “Open Testing: “Put a ring on it!””

New Skins & Events

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

Are you eager to see the cool new skins that we will bring you this week? Well, here they are:

  • Corrupted Penguin Explorer Pet Skin
  • Corrupted Tinkerer Pet Skin
  • Corrupted Login Seer Pet Skin
  • Duality Wizard Skin
  • Duality Pet Skin

Event at the Davy Jones’ Locker – Arrrg!

Read more “New Skins & Events”

Events in Parasite, Candyland, and Lair

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Hello Realmers,

It ain’t no rest for the wicked, right?. Nor for the Daeva (See what we did there?) that is actually winning this battle against the Void, with 53% of the consumed items!  Unless there’s a turn of events over the weekend, the warrior skin will be the one handed out for free on Tuesday.… Read more “Events in Parasite, Candyland, and Lair”

Treasure of the Kingdom


Hello Realmers,

Are you enjoying the Shatters that we just released? We know you’ve been waiting for the event to start to get that little bit of extra loot that is like comfort food for your vault. So please note that in the event that has just started – “Treasure of the Kingdom” – the loot drops directly from the Forgotten King himself.… Read more “Treasure of the Kingdom”

Update 2.0.2 – The Shatters

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Hello Realmers,

The Shattered Kingdom has resurged! After years of requests and months of development, the Shatters reconstruction is here at last. We’re beyond excited to release this next endgame experience and we hope you are too! (And we will have an event there once you get more familiar with the dungeon!).… Read more “Update 2.0.2 – The Shatters”