Public Testing: Missions and Oryxmas

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Another week, another public testing session! You will once again be able to create Seasonal Characters but additionally you can now have a look at our new Mission Feature and how it all works together. We adjusted some things for our new upcoming dungeon, Steamworks and give you a first glance at the Emote System.

You are wondering what Seasonal Characters are? No worries we got you covered with our previous news regarding them. Check them out here.

Questions about Steamworks and interested in how it looks? More things to read here


NOTE: In this testing session, Missions have been modified to allow easier testing. They will not be representative of the final missions. Also all the rewards they grant are placeholders.

If you play a Seasonal Character, now you will have access to the new Mission system. Missions are tasks that you can complete in exchange of prizes and Battlepass XP.

Mission List

To access Missions, you will notice the new missions icon in your interface. Click it to display the Current Missions Panel. This panel will show the missions that are currently unlocked.

In general, you can only make progress on missions that you have unlocked. If you make progress in a mission you haven’t unlocked yet, it might not count, but this depends on the type of mission.

The progress of a mission will be indicated by the filled bar, and once it gets to the maximum, the mission will be ready to claim (and will glow with a yellow outline). Any new missions unlocked will also appear instantly.

Mission Menu

While the Missions List can be opened anywhere, the Mission Menu can only be accessed from Nexus. To open it you have two options:

  • Click on any of your missions in the Mission List.
  • Click in the “Missions” button in the Battlepass Menu.

This menu will show you the entire mission tree of this season. Remember that the mission tree will expire at the end of the season, alongside your seasonal characters (which will be converted to regular characters).

You can observe here how some missions unlock others, so not all of them will be available from the beginning.

Also, you can see how the mission tree branches in different types of branches with particularly different types of tasks. Their level of difficulty also varies. There are missions for all players and skill levels!

Once a mission is ready to be claimed, it will glow and display an icon; you can click on it to get the reward. Any items you get as a reward will be sent to your Seasonal Gift Chest.

Potion Vault Tooltip

As part of our changes for new players who are learning the game, we have introduced an extended tooltip for the Potion Vault.

When you hover over your potions, you will see additional information relevant to you, like potions you still need to consume to max that stat, or our suggested locations for where to find that potion.


In a future release we are introducing a brand new cosmetic feature: Emotes.

Emotes are icons that appear on top of your character for a brief time. You can use them to express an emotion, or reactions to a funny moment or surprising event, as well as for celebrating victory over a dungeon.

How to use emotes

  • Press the Emote Wheel key (by default: “T”) to show the Emote Wheel.
  • Click on the icon, or press one of the shortcuts (1,2,3,4)
  • Emotes can be used in the realm or in safe areas.
  • Emotes cannot be used inside dungeons, except the Victory emote.

Victory Emote

  • The victory emote is an emote that is automatically displayed when you defeat a dungeon’s boss.
  • This is the only type of emote allowed inside dungeons.

How to configure emotes

  • Go to the Wardrobe in your Vault to find a new “Emotes” tab. There you can configure the emotes you are going to use with your character.
  • For each of the four slots, you can select a different emote from the ones in your collection. Each slot corresponds to the 1…4 keys, plus the victory emote which automatically appears upon completing a dungeon.
  • You can also save the selected configuration as a “preset”, and you have up to 8 presets available to you. They will be useful to store a certain configuration and quickly reapply it to other characters.
  • Emotes can be obtained directly from the Wardrobe or through other methods, like prizes in the Battlepass or Missions. This can vary depending on the season!


Follow the above to find out more about Steamworks. We have added Portals in the Nexus for an easier access to the dungeon.

Changes since last PT:

  • Implementation of more boss art, mini boss art and dungeon art
  • Tweaks to dungeon generation and obstacles in the dungeon
  • Changes to Encounter arena size and polishing of the fight. Middle phases should be cleaner now, damage numbers are not as high.
  • New UTs (Upgrades to some Existing UT’s)


A number of additional changes will be added to the game to complement the Steamworks, missions and other content. These include:

Reskinned Gods

Medusas and Beholders have been replaced with steam-powered equivalents – Mechdusas and Eyes in the Sky.  They still retain all of the old content and behaviors, but have new graphics for this season.

Candyland Reskin

Waste from the Steamworks has spilled over into the Candyland Hunting Grounds, leaving them covered in dirty slush and broken items.  The area has been given a wintery repaint, and the enemies within re-themed to the new Steamworks Scrapyard. We have added Candyland Portals to the Nexus for a quicker access.

Note – some environmental graphics are still placeholder and will be updated in the coming weeks.

New UT’s

A set of new UT’s for the new weapon types aimed at mid to upper level players will also be released.  These are:

  • Boomerang Blades
    • A set of dual blades where the ‘small’ blade is heavier and returns to the player once thrown.
  • Hovering Spellblade
    • A spellblade with projectiles which quickly accelerate from a standstill to full speed after being fired.
  • Seismic Flail
    • A flail so heavy that the head can sometimes throw out a large explosion on impact.
  • Hookblade Tachi
    • The projectiles on this Tachi switch back to move towards the player after they cross over.
  • Acidic Aspergillum
    • A morningstar which can leave puddles of damaging acid on the ground.
  • Harpoon Longbow
    • A longbow which inflicts Bleeding on enemies, allowing for rapid building of stacks due to its multiple projectiles.
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