The Kensei open testing – take 2

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Hello Realmers,

Two weeks ago we revealed the Kensei to you. We heard your feedback and since then we have been working pretty hard on it. Today we bring an improved version of it and we would like, once again, to read your thoughts on it. 

The main change that you’ll immediately notice is that the Trail Multiplier is now implemented. Every time you hit an enemy with your trail, you will gain stacks. Each stack has an independent duration from the others and they can stack up to 5. 

Depending on the number of stacks you currently have, you will have a bonus to the Stat this sheath affects. (example Slashing Sheath – 1/5/10/16/23 % to ATT based on the numbers of enemies hit.)

We have made various changes to items, both balancing and functional. For the sake of keeping this short, we will try to mention some of them, but you can find all the information for a Sheath in its in-game tooltip.

We have added a cooldown to Sheaths and also a short cooldown between dashes. Damage values were adjusted and the max distance of every tiered sheath increased progressively.

The permanent invulnerability that affected some players in the last Open Testing should now be fixed.

On top of that, Kensei now has a new UI to display the charging time, number of dashes, and dash timer.

Kensei’s interaction with Status effects is different than before, so feel free to check it out!  

Default stats were also changed as follows:

ATT 1265

Known Issue:

There is an issue on this build with Color Overlay in dungeons like O3 and Shatters, but it’s known and it’s being looked into.


There are still decisions to be made and values to be tweaked, and this is where your feedback comes in handy! 

On this Testing build, UT 3, UT 5, and KenseiST1 are slightly different from the other items. They have a shorter cooldown in between dashes (0.2 seconds) and the duration of their multiplier stack is bigger (15 seconds).

In comparison, the other sheaths have 0.4 seconds in between dashes and 10 seconds multiplier duration.

We would like you to try and compare them and share your opinion on the #testing-feedback channel of the official Discord server! 

You will be able to spot some other changes that are coming to the Realm this Oryxmas, but we will talk more about them soon. 

As always, we will be checking your feedback and tweaking things accordingly.

Please take into consideration that you’ll need a different account for testing. If you haven’t already created one, make sure to do so. And please, after you are done testing the Kensei, make sure to delete your testing Kensei characters, so you don’t have any issues connecting during future testing sessions. If you don’t, you will need to create a brand new account on the testing server to join the session.

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  1. XZSteel

    What about Antinomy Kensei skin? I didn’t see it on PTS

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