Kensei is live on the Testing server

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Hello Realmers, 

We are happy to open up our testing servers and let you meet the newest member of our family: the Kensei. 

Please take into consideration that you’ll need a different account for testing. If you haven’t already created one, make sure to do so. And please, after you are done testing the Kensei, make sure to delete your testing Kensei characters, so you don’t have any issues connecting during future testing sessions. If you don’t, you will need to create a brand new account on the testing server to join the session.

Also, you’ll need to use the shop icon on the top header – a red bag – to access the shop UI.

It’s the first of a few testing sessions in which we plan to get the class ready for release. What this means is that your feedback will be very useful and highly appreciated! 

Your mission for the weekend is to try to find as many bugs as possible and share your general experience with the class.

What will you be able to try on this first testing session?

  • Dashing Mechanic
  • Trail Mechanic (without Multiplier)
  • Projectile
  • Tier 0-7 Gear
  • Some UT concepts
  • ST set

Remember that all you see there is WIP and subject to change!

Kensei will be the 18th class in the game. It’s a Katana/Heavy Armor user and his unique ability is called Sheath. He dashes and slashes enemies at close range to bolster his combat effectiveness. In comparison to other classes, it’s riskier, but more rewarding! 

The unlock requirements are Trickster and Ninja at level 20.

ATT 1265

Sheath Ability

To better understand the ability, we will separate it into four sections:

Channeling time + Dash Mode

Channeling is a short cast that Kensei has to complete successfully before he is allowed to dash.

The Sheath ability lets you perform a small channel, after which you enter Dash Mode. During this mode, you can dash X amount of times or it expires in Y seconds.


The trail is a unique quirk of the Kensei that will do both damage and increase his stats. While he dashes, Kensei spawns a line of particles behind him that deals damage to all enemies hit.


Is a new form of stat-buff we are introducing for Kensei. You will dynamically get a buff to your Attack (or any other stat), based on the number of enemies you hit with your trail (it’s addictive, but capped at 5). E.g. 5/15/30/50/75 % for 1/2/3/4/5 enemies hit.


At the end of the dash, Kensei will emit a projectile in the corresponding direction.

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4 replies on “Kensei is live on the Testing server”

  1. Shane Reid

    You should make it impossible to tp to him for the short duration of his invulnerability while dashing. i can already see people using that to get others killed. and even with tp invulnerable some people lag a bit and wont end up being able to nexus in time to survive. so like the rogue cant be tpd to while invincible make unable to tp while invulnerable

  2. Robe

    this class is so addictive but makes the other classes look outdated, boring, and weaker, especially melee classes, Also UTs like oreo and cshield are a joke now compared.
    I thought about some nerfs to invulnerability. Maybe make it shorter but expand the invulnerability time based on the number of enemies hit, the tier of the sheath, or something like that(this will reward skilled players and punish inexperienced ones also making this a very hard class to master).
    Also some tweaks to all classes to make them look less weak compared to Kensei, I mean, nobody would grind those invulnerability uts anymore or even play any other melee class because he can do better than all of them. Im in love with this new class and i cant wait to max it but breaks the entire game in its current state

  3. TXVXT

    There is a bug whenever you channel the dash, and mid-dash switch the ability for another. It cancels the charges left and you are unable to use the abilities, even if you switch out again. Spamming it multiple times only creates the circle animation for 1/5th of the way before ending, and after a few uses it will disconnect you.

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