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Hello Realmers,

With today’s update, we bring you the brand new Storm Caller Bard and Earthen Bulwark Summoner ST sets, optimize Dungeon Mods, tweak Shatters and fix many other issues. Read on!

New ST Sets

Added Storm Caller Bard ST Set and Earthen Bulwark Summoner ST Set (More about that on tomorrow’s post!).

Dungeon Mods

  • Reenabled Noble Boss Dungeon Mod.
  • Fixed Bis, Prisimimic and other Dungeon Mods that were not working on the Mad God Mayhem dungeon.
  • Fixed usability bugs related to Dungeon Mods applied to the Mad God Mayhem dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug on Mad God Mayhem key not able to be refined.
  • Fixed an issue with a few mods not working in the Machine Dungeon
  • Fixed the XP Boost (Minions) bug not working correctly on Cave of a Thousand Treasures.
  • Court of Oryx won’t spawn with Dungeon Mods naturally. However, the CoO dungeon keys can have Dungeon Mods.
  • Dungeon Mod “Guaranteed Stat Potion” won’t work with “minibosses” in Candyland Hunting Grounds, only with the final boss. 
  • This same Dungeon Mod “Guaranteed Stat Potion” will however now guarantee Mystery Stat Potions alongside regular Stat Potions, if the boss normally dropped any.
  • Optimized Dungeon Mods. 

Note: We are preparing more revisions of the Dungeon Mod system, including new functionalities that go beyond numerical value changes, biased towards more significant and customized changes that will make the system more significant and tweak the risk/reward factor of each dungeon by playing with real, tangible gameplay changes. However, this system is still not ready and we have decided on improving the existing distribution for this update while we work on these new Dungeon Modifiers. We’ll keep you updated but please know the team is very enthusiastic about your feedback and suggestions for new/improved mods.

Dungeon Mods new distribution system

  • We have been revisiting the current distribution of Dungeon Mods.
  • We have decided that certain early and mid-level dungeons won’t have access to particular dungeon modifiers, regardless of their Grade.
  • This means that even if a dungeon-like Pirate Cave is Grade S, you cannot still get the “Noble Boss” dungeon mod in it. 
  • We think these measures are necessary for a better balance and, very importantly, to serve as foundations of the upcoming changes and new Dungeon Mods.
  • For the time being these rules apply equally to rolling Keys and natural spawning in the Realm, but please understand we are monitoring and actively discussing the system and it might be revisited in the future.

All Dungeons

These Dungeon Modifiers can appear in any Dungeon if they have the appropriate Grade.

  • Chef
  • Survivor
  • Souvenir I
  • Souvenir II
  • Pet Collector
  • Colorful
  • Dimitus
  • XP Boost (Boss)
  • Rewards Boost (Boss)
  • Mid-game Dungeons exclusive mods
  • These Dungeon Modifiers can appear in Dungeons with a base Difficulty score of 2.5 or more.
  • Guaranteed Stat Potion
  • Mystery Stat Potion
  • Bis
  • Agent of Oryx

Advanced Dungeons exclusive mods

These Dungeon Modifiers can appear in Dungeons with a base Difficulty score of 4.5 or more.

  • Generous
  • Noble Boss
  • Prismimic

The Shatters

  • Increased the base movement speed of all untempered magic types in the castle section.
  • Fixed a minimap bug that wasn’t highlighting the last Monument correctly.
  • Fixed an incorrect VFX on the Hollow Gypsy.
  • Fixed several visual glitches.
  • Fixed a rare glitch with the Forgotten King remaining vulnerable during his intermission phase.
  • Fixed a rare glitch with the Bridge Sentinel that could make him become stuck in a particular location.
  • Added a guaranteed-to-all greater life and greater vitality potion to the Forgotten King, in addition to his existing chance drops for a second of each.
  • Replaced the Forgotten King’s T14 armor drops with T15 armor, and increased their drop rate.
  • Also increased the drop rate of T6 abilities and T6 rings from the Forgotten King.
  • Slightly increased Forgotten King white bag drop rates.
  • We’re continuing to work to keep the pace of this expansive dungeon fluid, fun, and of course appropriately rewarding!


  • Reduced the teleport timer on Mad God Mayhem dungeon.
  • Fountain Spirit can now drop Shield of Flowing Clarity.
  • Daichi  can now drop Jade Storm.
  • Oryx 1 can now drop Cloak of the Mad God.
  • Oryx 2 can now drop Tome of Holy Furor.
  • Fixed a bug where Corsair Ring was not tradeable. It is now.
  • Fixed a bug in The Machine where a fire object could misbehave if the terrain under it disappeared.
  • Fixed a visual bug for Mushroom Chieftain on Fungal Cavern where it became paralyzed in the same animation for a few frames.
  • Fixed a bug where HP bars were not appearing for Fate and Glory in Haunted Cemetery.
  • Fixed an issue that caused invincibility not being immediately applied after teleporting in dungeons or realms.
  • Fixed an issue with the client: It froze when the player clicked on the game window during the initial loading phase after the splash screen
  • Fixed that showed Text ID displayed in the notification when the user is trying to hatch a high-level egg on a low-level pet yard.
  • Players are able to throw Basic Star projectile right after switching to it from another MP boosting ability with the Omni-Impotence ring equipped on a level 1 Ninja.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user to get soft-locked after entering the realm while keeping shop UI open.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the MP regeneration to stop if the user consumed MP pot from the loot bag while MP regenerating.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused statues to appear for a split second after they are destroyed in shatters first fight
  • Fixed the sprite alignment of Chalice of Bloody Ambrosia, Tome of Exorcism and Vial of Sustenance

Other changes

  • Smoother Summons’ movement and technically optimized 
  • Improved loading times
  • Optimized the overall performance of the game
  • Changed Nexus to its Autumn map
  • Updated the contents of The Nest, Ocean Trench, and Shatters Guild Chests:
    • The Nest Guild Chest will have a chance to drop Fallen One’s Blade. Ocean Trench Guild Chest will have a chance to drop Oceanic Apparel, Tideturner Trident, and Seraphim’s Guard, and Mystery ST Chest has been removed from its drop table. Shatters Guild Chest has been updated to also have a chance to drop Abyssal Insignia.
  • The Blacksmith Market area of the Grand Bazaar will now boost speed like the rest of the Bazaar

New Cosmetics

Special Food

Oh, and on a final note, please hang on to those Crystals of Fortune because the Quests to exchange them will return in the future. 

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3 replies on “Update – Dungeon Mods optimization”

  1. i think it would be nice to have more guild stuff. idk exactly what, but maybe guild quest, a guild chest, guild campaign. maybe add something where it cost guild fame to upgrade. or maybe make it so everyone has the same tinkerer quest so it encourages people to run the same dungeon. idk, just some thoughts.

  2. Leptis

    Wow wow wow! These changes are looking amazing. Lots of very much needed tweaks. Excellent work DECA!! You are taking the game in a great direction and I can’t wait to see more of it. Keep at it!

  3. Prejii

    Deca fixing tp invuln issues? Pogg!

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