Open Testing for Halloween

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Hey Realmers,

Our Development Team has been very busy working on making the game more secure and fixing those bugs that bother us all. In the meanwhile, our Live Ops team was working on remodeling the old Bazaar.

We are very excited to announce that the old Cloth Bazaar was completely remodeled and expanded and to fit its new grandeur, it is now called the Grand Bazaar! We want to encourage you to try it out. In the future, you will find sections for pets (with food, eggs, and skins); blacksmith (ores, nilshards, and blueprints); cosmetics (character skins, dyes, and cloths); rings, and one section for each class. We know that some of you like to meet in the Bazaar with your friends to open your favorite dungeons. So we made 4 thematic rooms that are empty and were designed just with this purpose. Give it a try! Plus you will have access to Blueprints from tier D to A and some old skins that will be available individually for the first time. We hope you like it!

If you are wondering about S and S+ Blueprints, we also have been working on a new system so you can get your hands on some of those very rare Blueprints you have been asking about. You can collect tokens – “Schematics” and “Ancient Schematics” – to exchange them in Tinkerer for the desired Blueprint. They will drop only in endgame content. Take a look at it and let us know what you think.

On top of this, you will have the Blood & Spirit Campaign that will give you access to some very unique and spooky skins and ST reskins, and if you make it to the last tier you will get a ghostly reskin of the Cloak of Bloody Surprises.

Either through the Campaign or from the Shop, you can be one of the first to get your hands on the 4 new Halloween exclusive STs reskins we have this year:

  • Archbishop Exorcist Priest ST Set
  • Cursed Cursebreaker Huntress ST Set
  • Ghostly Banshee Summoner ST Set
  • Lycan Warrior ST Set

We are aware of some small issues with the Summoner and Priest projectiles and the tooltip for the Huntress proc – these will be fixed in the actual release!

On the Quests and in the Shop you will find:

  • Monster Slayer’s Ability, Armor, Weapon, and Ring.
  • Monster Lieutenant’s Ability, Armor, Weapon, and Ring.

Please note that the whisper chat will not work during the open testing session. This is a known issue and we are currently working on it. 

In the Shop, you will also find the Halloween pet and character costumes you can wear this year!

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6 replies on “Open Testing for Halloween”

  1. LifeAlert

    Are you going to let us buy keys for testing :c?

  2. NotSmort

    I think I have too many items in my gift chest, my vault won’t load.

  3. Zquidx

    guys stop commenting your ign and item on this blog post go to the other one

  4. Frank

    Then the old st hallowen reskin for wizard and mystic aren’t gonna be back?

  5. Xinska

    I would love to get stars back but I guess the royal cat pet from 3rd boss is better

  6. Zoker

    Does that mean that we are not getting a high reskin this year?.

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