Taking the Summoner for a testing spin

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Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you a different kind of testing, focused on the Summoner and some of the animations in the dungeons. We are reworking the mechanics of the summons so that they feel more comfortable for you when you are controlling them. We are also working on optimizing the FPSs in some of the dungeons we want you to run.

For this, we will really appreciate your help in completing all the testing objectives. If you do so, everyone gets a free Mystery ST Chest on production the following week after the tests end. 

The collective objectives are the completion of:

  • 200 The Crawling Depths; 
  • 100 Parasite Chambers; 
  • 50 The Third Dimension; 
  • 200 Davy Jones’ Locker; 
  • 50 The Shatters; 
  • 50 Cultist Hideout; 
  • 20 Oryx’s Sanctuary; 
  • and 200 High Tech Terror.

It counts from the moment the testing servers open, until Monday, the 4th October, at 7 AM UTC. 

At the testing server, you’ll find everything you’ll need at the shop: boxes with the Summoner equipment, boxes for maxing a pet, an Apple of Extreme Maxening for your Summoner, and also a box with the keys to all the dungeons we mentioned. The number of maces will be limited since we want you to try different types of maces.

Please take into consideration that in order to enter the testing server you’ll need a separate account from your regular production one. If you have not created a testing account yet, please do so. 

All your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please report any bugs or issues you may find on the #testing-feedback channel on Discord or leave a comment here. Thank you!

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