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Hello Realmers,

Since the beginning of time, the angelic realms have existed and have been known to the other realms. They are famous for having little to no interaction at all with the rest. They are usually silent, but the awakening of the Forgotten King and the rise of the Void forces were the tipping point for direct intervention. The Daeva cannot allow such two reality-defiant powerhouses – Oryx AND the Forgotten King – in a single Realm. That’s simply too much to allow existing.

The Heroes of the Nexus, on the other hand, appreciate the Daeva’s help. The Realm was just too unstable due to this much power, and these angelic-like creatures came to help balance the scales.

The arrival of the Daeva turned the Nexus to the Light side, but will it remain that way?

Although the Daeva’s help is appreciated – They even brought in a Free Pack (shameless plug – please check further down the text!), the Heroes of the Nexus can’t help but wonder the creatures’ intentions, and if they have their own hidden agenda…

This update brings…

Antinomy: Light Campaign

New cosmetics:

Enchantments & the Mysterious Object:

We know you have been eagerly waiting for the Enchantments feature to come out and unfortunately your wait continues. We are committed to delivering a feature that not only adds to the way you play the game but does so in a meaningful and positive way. While we planned and hoped to release the feature during the Month of the Mad God, it is not ready or in a state we are happy with. Postponing the release also gives us a chance to apply all the learnings from the Dungeon Modifiers to make sure we deliver a great Enchantments feature. We are truly sorry for teasing you with their arrival and then not being able to deliver it. Now, we will take time to re-evaluate and as soon as we have a confirmed date for their release, we will let you know!

The Mysterious Object some of you have been holding onto was going to turn into an Enchantment with the release of the feature. Not to waste your inventory space any longer, we have turned the object into an item of roughly the same planned value – Ember of the Daeva.

Corrupted Paladin and Daeva Trickster new ST drops

Corrupted Paladin Set

ItemDrop LocationEnemy
Fallen One’s BladeThe NestKiller Bee Queen
Abyssal InsigniaThe ShattersForgotten King
Vortex PlatingIce CaveEsben the Unwilling
Eye of the VoidRealmCrystal Prisoner

Daeva Trickster Set

ItemDrop LocationEnemy
Archangel’s JudgementThe ShattersForgotten Sentinel
Daevite ProgenitorFungal CavernCrystal Worm Mother
Seraphim’s GuardOcean TrenchThessal the Mermaid Goddess
Flames of GenesisRealmCrystal Prisoner

Free Pack!

The Daeva arrived bearing gifts. The Embrace Justice Free Pack will be available until September, 13th and includes:

  • Antinomy Rogue Skin
  • Antinomy Necromancer Skin
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Daeva Fragment
  • Daeva Shard
  • Daeva Crystal
  • Gift of the Daeva
  • Grapes of Heaven
  • Mystery ST Chest

Other Changes:

  • Introduced the Antinomy Artifact, a new ring that can be crafted by combining Ember of the Void and Ember of Daeva. It will spawn a summon that heals and deals damage. It also works with MotMG 2021 equipment set bonuses.
  • Added new loading screens
  • Daeva Fighter Trickster Set and Corrupted Paladin Set have been added to the Mystery ST Chest, replacing the Lost Golem Set with the Swoll Paladin Set.
  • The Keyper, Gardener, and Glitch have joined the forces of the Daeva!
  • We are removing the servers Asia East, EUEast2, EUSouth, EUNorth2, USWest2, USEast3, USEast4 and USSouth2.

Quests Update:

For the next few Path quests, you will need some new tokens – the Essence of the Void, Essence of the Daeva and Essence of Duality. Get them by exchanging 8 of the corresponding Crystal (or 4 and 4, for Duality) at the Tinkerer!

Changes to the Shatters

  • Changed the display difficulty to 8.5 as intended
  • Reduced HP scaling on enemy families, with the exception of the Royal Guard in the Grand Hall gauntlet
  • Fixed the special portal animation from the Avatar
  • Added a portal of cowardice to the spawn area
  • Reduced enemy spawns in the village marsh
  • Toned down excessive enemy spawn density in certain sections of the village maps
  • Fixed a potential tree barrier in the village marsh which would force walking on corruption tiles
  • Fixed a misplaced rug tile in the village mansion
  • Made the Hollow Outlaw/Brigand slightly more opaque in cloaked state
  • Very slightly increased the warning time of the Hollow Outlaw/Brigand once visible (catching them beforehand is still the best way to counter them)
  • All village Magi Gate teleporters are now visible on the minimap after activation
  • Magi Gates will no longer display a teleport button prompt until active
  • All decoys during the Bridge Sentinel’s DM are now removed as intended
  • Fixed the Untempered Magic in the Study wing sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed enemies lingering outside the Twilight Archmage room during the fight
  • Fixed a safe spot in the Twilight Archmage’s Fire Finale attack
  • Slightly decreased the invulnerability time of gauntlet tablets
  • Fixed an issue where the Grand Hall exit could be already opened by an object deleting the wall
  • Fixed crystal death animations sometimes not using the correct color when shattering
  • Added invulnerability to the Forgotten King’s “Guitar Hero” phase during crossing skull attacks
  • Added Quiet to the blue skulls in the Forgotten King’s corrupt tentacle attack
  • Fixed the Primal Arcana tooltip still stating it to be a work in progress
  • Reduced the size of the wizard ST set’s phoenix summons and their projectiles
  • Rearranged summon order for Peacekeeper so the Knight is despawned first.

The Avatar of the Forgotten King himself went through some changes:

  • Eyes Phase stack shots fixed, now Eyes will not shoot immediately when they are spawned
  • Eyes cannot be dragged out of Avatar grounds, and instead will re-position them closer to Avatar after some time
  • Fixed the soft lock issue connected with the Pillars phase

In the Crystal Cavern

  • Crystal Dark Flower no longer fires stacked shots while Skilled Minions mod is active.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip of the item to follow the cursor after dropping from an enemy
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player not to be able to put the items from inventory to backpack using control+click
  • Fixed the issue that caused disconnections when affected by the “inspire” status effect
  • Fixed inheritance of Dungeon Mods for the Machine -> The Inner Working and for the Lost Halls -> Cultist Hideout. We are still working on The Void inheritance issue.
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