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Hello Realmers,

She’s from the Netherlands and wants to help to streamline the medical process in the future. She would also have a great future in the post-apocalyptic Fallout scenario as she… collects bottle caps. Meet Seelpit:

What is your day job? Tell us about it.

I’m currently studying medical informatics at college. It’s what it says on the tin: a fusion of informatics and medicine. I like learning about the technical components of computers, but I also want a clear goal when doing so. Helping to streamline the medical process is such a goal! Though I have been thinking about switching studies lately.

Any hidden talents or hobbies?

My secret ability is being relatively okay at recoloring sprites! …That counts, right? As for hobbies, I collect bottle caps. It’s not a very big collection – I just like all the fun designs.

How and when did you start playing RotMG?

I first met the game in elementary, back in the Kabam era. A friend introduced me, and I vividly remember both of us struggling to kill Horned Drakes. Ever since then, I’ve taken occasional, long breaks, but I’ve never truly “quit”.

Favorite Class, Dungeon, and Item?

My favorite class is probably Ninja! Even if I can have an absolute blast playing Sorcerer as well, I just like the under-appreciated classes a lot. Ninja has lots of fun tools, especially after the latest item rebalances!

If there’s one dungeon I had to pick as my favorite…it might just be Reef, barely above the Nest. The way it carefully balances classes’ strengths (Mystics stasising the invulnerable minions, piercing classes being able to hit the boss through minions in some phases) without being too long just makes me love it! Plus, it drops an adorable trickster skin, which the Nest doesn’t.

There are tons of items I enjoy using, but I simply cannot get enough of Soul’s Guidance. It’s great against groups because it pierces and has a wide shot pattern that isn’t too wide to miss too much. On top of that, you get a ton of extra chip damage from your souls zapping things, and they apply a draining effect that goes through invulnerability! The Curse is just a cherry on top.

What other games do you play?

I’ve played Portal 1 & 2, as well as Portal Stories: Mel, and I’m slowly getting through the mind breaker that is Portal: Reloaded. I’ve dabbled in Touhou a little bit, and I very regularly play Team Fortress 2. I’ve actually got over 6,000 hours in it… 

What makes RotMG unique? What are the things you love the most in the game?

The combination of bullet hell and MMORPG! Bullet hell is already a relatively small genre, so it being paired with MMORPG makes Realm unique in both worlds.

It’s also what I love: you can still play the game by yourself, but teaming up with a couple of others or even a whole group is also an option. Those intimate moments where you blaze through a dungeon with a small group of players you’ve never met are what really keep me going.

What would you change?

The Realm itself is definitely in great need of attention, but perhaps even then, I think RotMG needs better progression. You progress fast when you start playing, unlock classes, learn dungeons and then…slow down to a crawl as you’re too weak for endgame dungeons, yet can’t max your characters that quickly either; and dying means all your hard-earned progress gets reset completely. Not like fame will buy you anything past equipment. It’s a nasty spot that you can’t easily escape, and even then, Exaltations are a very long-term goal for most people. (Not to mention near inaccessible when you only do public dungeons…has anyone ever done a public Void, let alone 75?)

What made you join the Tester group?

I got invited after leaving lots of feedback on various public testing threads. I absolutely wanted to be involved with progress and making sure some things don’t slip by.

How do you see the game in 10 years?

I think there’s a decent chance it might still be around. I feel like the design team is making serious progress on improving many aspects of the game, and I’m very excited about the things that’ll be coming our way.

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