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Hello Realmers,

We have been hearing your concerns about our relationship with the User Generated Content (UGC) group.

From the very beginning we wanted Realm to be very community driven, and thanks to the UGC efforts we were able to release more content much more often than what we could imagine. 

The goal of creating the group was always to involve more the community and provide them with tools to enjoy creating content for the game, as they were already submitting it. 

As you all know, two of our UGC members that were creating the Realm OST left the program last week, and given the situation we thought it would be for the best to remove the music that they had delivered since 2020, but keep all music they created while still under our mutual agreement.

We are, as well, reevaluating our relationship with the UGC group. We are still not done with this process and will keep you up to date with all the developments. But we are aiming to ensure the purpose of the group is to have fun. We just want them to have fun. It was because of this passion for making content for fun, that we hired into paid positions some members of the UGC group.

Lastly, we want to thank WangleLine and Spave, as well as all the UGC group members for the amazing dedication and love they’ve shown to the game over the years.

The Realm Team.

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