Patch Messing with the Runes

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Hello Realmers,

This patch brings important changes to the Rune System, as announced, but also to the Item Forge and some rework done on end-game dungeons.

While “cleaning” the portal monuments at the wine cellar, one of Oryx’s minions spilled a bottle of wine into the system that regulates the opening of the Sanctuary. He managed to clean it up before Oryx could see the mess, but the mechanism has never been the same since.

Oryx’s Sanctuary access

  • Drop Rates for all runes have been increased.
  • In particular, Shield Runes have gotten a great increase.
  • We have introduced a new event quest in the Tinkerer that will help you recycle Runes, converting them to each other, with the extra cost of 4 Oryx Marks. 
  • There’s a little chance that portal monuments for Oryx’s Sanctuary will just open by themselves when you complete the Wine Cellar.

Item Forge

We are very happy with the incorporation of the Blacksmith to the game! We have made some balances to the material values required for items.

  • Balanced crafting values for certain high-end items.
  • Added new Blueprints to the game, amongst them: Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi, Star of Enlightenment, Orb of Conflict, Tablet of the King’s Avatar 
  • Tweaked drop rates for high-end blueprints, O3’s miniboss Blueprints now drop only from Oryx’s Sanctuary.
  • As a reminder, in the last patch we adjusted daily Forgefire to 300.
  • We want to share the material values with you

Please be reminded we are still monitoring closely the values of the system, adjusting balances, and will continue doing so. Thanks for your feedback!

We are also aware that the naming and icon colors could cause a little bit of confusion, so we are studying changes to both names of ores and colors, in order to improve usability. Also, we want to add new types of craftable items! You will hear more about it in future notes.

Dungeon Changes

We are introducing a variety of polish, balance and quality of life changes, focused mainly on endgame dungeons.

Lost Halls

  • Agonized Titan now only spawns 3 Evil Spirits at a time and at a much lower rate.
  • Agonized Titan only requires 3 Evil Spirits out of 5 to have been found to activate.
  • Adjusted dungeon generation: Loops can no longer appear on the side paths. Side paths now have a lower max length.
  • Crusaders and Spectral Sentry should no longer appear in the first 2 rooms beyond spawn rather than 1 room beyond spawn.
  • Champion of Oryx will now only spawn minions initially, once the minions are defeated he’ll follow the player with a 3 shot attack.
  • Marble Colossus’s final stand Void Attacks have had effect duration and damage revised down.
    • Void Ring: 1 -> 0.6 sec Petrify
    • Void Spear: 250 -> 200 damage
    • Void Blast: 185 -> 150 damage and 1 -> 0.6 secs Paralyze

Cultist Hideout

  • “The Cult” quest marker now disappears when players approach the boss room to avoid clutter
  • “Malus 2” now is a quest once again

The Void

  • “All now ends” now leads directly into middle attack with Greater Void Shades, skipping the build up entirely, the phase now also only lasts half as long as before.

Fungal Cavern

  • Crystal Worm Mother should now have a small grace period when going back to the arena after Father/Child has been defeated where she will not shoot.
  • Crystal Worm Mother should now have a small grace period when the tail has been destroyed to avoid stacking shotguns.

Crystal Cavern

  • Added a delay and telegraph to Crystal Bats explosion on death
  • Crystal Bats now circle players at a slower speed
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Bats didn’t always grant XP
  • Added a delay to Crystallized Scorpion’s first shotgun
  • Fixed a stacked shots issue related to split Crystallized Scorpion

As a bonus we’ve also reworked how Constructs in the mountains work. Rather than heal each other in a circle, they now only heal the construct stronger than them. This means that now any characters can defeat them as long as you take care of them in the right order (Wood > Rock > Steel). Their overall behavior and shot patterns has also been adjusted, they also now all share the same drop table meaning all give Potion of Attack, the same XP and The Machine dungeon.


  • Apostrophes now appear correctly for the names of Keys, Token and Item names.
  • Fixed the issue that caused some players to get DCed in Mad God Mayhem dungeon
  • Blueprints that give items belonging to Exaltation dungeons can now only be obtained from their specific Dungeons.
  • The Third Dimension Marks now appear in the Token type category in the vault.
  • Fixed the problem of too many breath updates on Katalund. Will not cause DCs anymore.
  • Bard Lute Reskin “Oryxmas Carol” had the wrong XP bonus and is now fixed.
  • Updated stats for the Botany Book.
  • Added HP scaling to the Sentry on The 3rd Dimension.
  • XP distribution is now consistent for nearby users when Regular enemies are killed by other users.
  • Improvements to minimap.
  • Quest completion check mark for Defeating Heroes of Oryx now updates under the extended tab when the user completes the requirement.
  • Removed requirement of seasonal dungeons from Hero of the Nexus Fame Bonus.

New Skins

A big shoutout to CrystalPX, Zquidx and Mizumi for the skins

Content Creator Skins

Our Twitch and Youtube content creator partners now have exclusive skins of their own. Say “Hi, mom!” and wave to the camera if you see one of those in game!

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