Meet Volvax

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Helllo Realmers,

He’s one the guys behind the data based decisions we make here at DECA. And after the first answers you’ll soon realize that there’s something fishy with him… apart from playing Runescape for the last 15 years. Meet Volvax.… Read more “Meet Volvax”

Reddit Best of

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Hello Realmers,

So, lot’s of great art last week on Reddit. So much that we decided to make a whole blog post just pointing you towards those threads where you can show the artists all your Realmy Love.

We had the Katanas by Feshoe:

The Shadow Cube Blaster by the one and only, Saturn:

A cute plushie… by Moneywench:

And an Oriental atire for the Trickster by FreakyKima:

Please follow the links in the images and show them all your love in the Reddit comments!

Meet Cebmofroz

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Hello Realmers,

He’s a fellow partnered content creator that comes from the USA and he’s passionate about board games… but has over 6 thousand hours of RotMG on his hands. Meet Cebmofroz.

Name, Nationality and Age?

I’m cebmofroz, from Kentucky in America and I’m 23 years old

Is making content your main activity?

Read more “Meet Cebmofroz”

Update 1.6:

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Hello Realmers,

This update brings new drop locations for the Nordic Knight Set and Cuboid Necromancer Set. There are also many bug fixes, some of which you have been requesting, like the ability to hide projectiles from allies. We are also making some visual changes and refactoring some bullet animations, and even added a new splash screen.… Read more “Update 1.6:”

Friday News: What’s coming

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Hello Realmers,

Next week we are releasing the 1.6 update. And we wanted to give you a sneak peak. There are plenty of bug fixes coming and “minor” changes as well.

We can tell you now that you’ll be able to access the last notifications in your interface!… Read more “Friday News: What’s coming”