And the best RotMG cook is…

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…Pear! Congratulations! You get a Cheesecake Rogue Skin + 2 x Energy Potato + 2500 gold! And, best of all, bragging rights! You scored a perfect 10.

In second place we have Jkremzak (9,94), in third, Porkysword (9,92) and in forth (9,75) MaleGntlmn and BGJOE.

The contest was announced here and the recipes were judged based on Fidelity, Effort, Cohesiveness and Presentation.

The rewards for the best home cooks are:

  • First place: Cheesecake Rogue Skin + 2 x Energy Potato + 2500 gold
  • Second place: 2 x Energy Potato + 2000 gold
  • Third place: 1 x Energy Potato + 2000 gold
  • Fourth place: 1 x Mouthwatering Melon + 1000 gold

And, that’s not all, we have a couple more presents for you guys: all that scored above 8.5 will get an Ambrosia + 500g (Critezz, bstjalex, Lugganut,
BaconStp, Wakasiyan, YebacCie, Eaterseven, Cntbleck, Fixation and Soggytofu).

All the other valid entries will get an Ambrosia: Misiulolxd, QUINKER, AppleLordx, Tampler, GamefanIII, Aaarticz, RealmerSam, Arkuiin, DemonWolff, Charziken, Jctt, KikiiChan, Xkvypespa, PapaGay, Futility, FrogOnTop, IchBinDein, killerpiot, Misticle, ValentinKL, Cosmicpart and Jediknight.

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