Open Testing: Kensei and Captcha

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In this testing session, we will look at the new captcha system and the new Fiery Kensei ST set. We also tried to address the few remaining Kensei-related disconnections issues. 

So that you can practice your runs, we have made some boxes with keys available in the shop: Shatters, Lost halls, Fungal Cavern, and Woodland Labyrinth (x1 each limited to 2 boxes per account).… Read more “Open Testing: Kensei and Captcha”

Alien Event and Baba Marta!



Time is flying and March has arrived. And with the new month, new events arrive! But this time we have even more news to share. Ever wondered about Baba Marta? You can find out more about it down below. We are also announcing the winners of our Speedrun Contest!… Read more “Alien Event and Baba Marta!”

Open Testing: LOADED

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

This week the open testing is LOADED with new stuff that you can try out for the first time. Not sure what we mean by LOADED? This is what you can expect:

  • Fix for the Kensei disconnections
  • The Shatters speedup
  • Mountain Temple Rework
  • Lair of Draconis Rework
  • Fiery Kensei Set
  • Bow Rework
  • Katana Rework
  • Item rebalance
  • Favorite pet functionality added

Please note that you’ll need to download the Testing Launcher so that you can join this session.… Read more “Open Testing: LOADED”

Mardi Gras is coming!



It’s time to let loose, wear a mask, and party like it’s Fat Tuesday and a fast is coming fast! Unfortunately, the Masks’ transform functionality is yet to return, but you will still be able to get these Tier 6 Ring reskins from quests for Carnival Tokens.… Read more “Mardi Gras is coming!”

Producer’s Letter

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2021 was a big year for Realm. We released many game-changing features and delivered functionalities that were promised long ago. 

The two biggest new additions to the game were the new, completely reworked Shatters and the Dungeon Modifiers. Yes, both still need some tender love and care, but they are a big step towards our vision for the game. … Read more “Producer’s Letter”

New Week, new me!



It’s that time of the week again! Time to have a look at our upcoming events and what you can expect. We also have a small update for you regarding the ongoing problem with animations of skins. There are also going to be changes to the Shattered King Necromancer Skin.… Read more “New Week, new me!”

It smells like Valentine!

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Ah February, a full month full of love and gifts for the ones you love. While it’s the season where hay fever starts, it’s also the season where we are once again bringing you events! So you may have a running nose, but you can now play gardener in Bella’s Garden!… Read more “It smells like Valentine!”