Time for more Events in December!

Development Update

Mighty Realmers!

It is time for another update regarding our upcoming events! Here you can once again see our event calendar for December and January. For a bigger version follow this link to the calendar.

As you have probably noticed, the Labyrinth Dwellers won the Channeling.… Read more “Time for more Events in December!”

A Blacksmith issue

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Some days are easier than others for the Blacksmith. Still, there is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t remember her old mate Davy Jones and their glory days together. She even keeps an old stash of rum from those times and today her festive Oryxmas mood got the best of her, ending up in the unfortunate defacement of some blueprints that had the “Shatters” label.… Read more “A Blacksmith issue”

Oryxmas is here and Kensei comes with it!

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Ho ho ho, Realmers, 

Oryxmas is here! And we are bringing a lot of additional things with it. From our new class, the Kensei, to our new dungeon mods, you name it. It’s Oryx’s birthday so we are bringing a lot of new exciting things to RotMG like a new Shop, Veteran Skins, Skin Ranks, new Campaigns and Quests and more.… Read more “Oryxmas is here and Kensei comes with it!”

BB_Smooth: “RotMG is an Ego Checker”

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He’s the newest addition to the DECA Content Partners and we thought that this would be the best way to welcome him to family. Meet BB_Smooth.

Name, Nationality and Age? 

Travis Smooth, Texan :), 26

Is making content your main activity? 

Read more “BB_Smooth: “RotMG is an Ego Checker””

The Channeling Event

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Hello Realmers,

In a temple deep in the Mountains, a school of disciples of the Samurai has been pursuing a path of grace and power. They perform elaborate rituals of war and spirituality, imbuing the Sheaths that house their honed blades with peculiar magic and enhancing both their prowess and their essence as warriors.Read more “The Channeling Event”