Dungeon Modifiers: An overview

Development Update

This is an exhaustive list of Dungeon Modifiers released on version 2.0.2

What is a Dungeon Modifier?

A Dungeon Modifier (“Dungeon Mod” or just “Mod” for short) is a concept you might be familiar with if you play RPGs assiduously. … Read more “Dungeon Modifiers: An overview”

Update 2.0 – Month of the Mad God

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Hello Mighty Realmers,

Change. Change across the Realm. Crumbling over the multiple, fragmented realities of a world with thousands of destinies, and yet, a vast power is sweeping through them all. The winds of Chaos have permeated into every single plane, mortal or divine, and that was just one of the many signs.Read more “Update 2.0 – Month of the Mad God”

The Void prevails (and Event loot)

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Greetings, chaotic Realmers,

The Vying is over and the Void has won, with strong numbers. Naturally, it will be taking over today’s MotMG release, spreading its corrupting touch over the Nexus and the Antinomy: Chaos Campaign. Could it ever have been any other way, or were these events manipulated from the shadows?… Read more “The Void prevails (and Event loot)”


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Hello, treacherous Realmers,

Oryx got to where he is now by duplicity and treason. In The Vying, you have been following his path to glory; now, you may want to follow his moral failings. The following quests will be available tomorrow, August 12:

Betray the Light!
Read more “BETRAYAL!”