Friday News: Fame and Other Issues

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screenshot from the public testing session

Hello Realmers,

From now on we will aim to be addressing you with some news about the game, always on Friday. This week we would like to talk about the fame reworks, bugs, lag, and other issues you have been raising. 

Fame Rework

On the next RotMG update, we will be launching the much anticipated fame rework that some of you had the chance to try out in our public testing session, last weekend. While our PT session was primarily a stress test for bugs in the system, we gathered a great amount of valuable input on the system as well. We want to emphasize that this is a system we plan to continuously adapt over time, as we have created it to be much more flexible than the current (deeply hardcoded) system in place for bonuses and stat tracking. [Please remember that there are fame bonuses that are being removed and that Leaderboards will be cleared]

The specific bonuses being removed are as follows:

  • Pacifist
  • Thirsty
  • Mundane
  • Boots on the Ground
  • Accurate/Sharpshooter/Sniper
  • Friend of the Cubes
  • Well Equipped
  • First Born
  • Legacy Builder
screenshot from the public testing session

Chat and Exaltation Issues

Early this week we had some unexpected issues with one of our suppliers’ systems that affected several aspects in the game. The ones that may have impacted you the most are the Exaltations and the censored chat, which have been fixed. Although chat related, the issue with shadowmute was a completely different thing. We are currently working on improving it and developing serious, non-disruptive new measures against unsightly bots and spam.

Latency Issues

Despite reports, we can assure you that we are not running on potato power. 😛 Nonetheless, you can experience more latency (lag) on very crowded servers. We are currently improving the code of the game (that is 11 years old!) so that we can improve your overall game experience.

Item Forge

As we have promised and shown off a few times in the past, we are working on a brand new system to allow you to dismantle and craft UTs. Although it has fallen behind on our roadmap because we were forging something else, we can say that we want to have it out before Christmas Oryxmas.

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