Community Update

Community Update

State of the Project

Hello Realmsters, 

It’s been a while indeed since the last update, but that is because the team have been busy working on the Unity client and getting it ready.  That hard work has finally paid off as we are close to starting the Realm Supporter Beta.

Along with the Unity client we have also been working on new backend optimizations that will not only improve stability, but also performance.  So far, we have seen the game performing at 60 frames per second on older machines as well as new ones. We are currently in the process of working out the final tweaks as well as polishing the game.

Last additions to the Unity client?

The focus of the new client is to have a one for one experience as the existing Flash version.  That doesn’t mean that we were not able to squeeze in some new features. One of the biggest changes will be to the security of the client and our backend.  This should it make much more difficult for hacking to occur.

Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame has been fully implemented on the new Client. It will showcase, forever and ever, all the names of the Supporters that kindly decided to back us up during last year’s campaign. This is just a small sign of our gratitude, thanks again!

What are the next steps?

I know what you are all thinking, yes that sounds great, but when do we finally get the new client?

Over the next days we will be sharing more information about the Supporter and Open Beta and maybe also about a special event… Stay tuned!

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