Realm Rework: Open Beta Announcement

Development Update


Last week we told you about our plans for the near future. If you missed this news you can find out more about it on our blog! We told you our plans for the Realm Rework and now is the time to reveal when the Open Beta for the Realm Rework will come to Realm of the Mad God! Over the next weeks, you will get more and more information regarding the update.

But before we get to this, here is a teaser trailer created by Mizumi to show you some of the first snippets of the Realm Rework! Thanks for putting this trailer together! (Click here if you can’t see the trailer in the blog)

Soooo. Mark your calendars! April 23rd we jump into the Beta. You might have some questions, right? We will try to answer all of them over the coming weeks but let’s clarify things first.

The Open Beta of the Realm Rework will happen on our Live Servers! You can use all your current characters and the old Realm will also be available in case you want to farm specific enemies which are not in the Realm Rework (yet). But keep in mind. You can die and lose your character. So you better start to prepare.

It is crucial for us to get your feedback and we will provide a way for you to directly send your feedback and opinion to us. We are very happy to finally be able to reveal the first steps towards the release of the Realm Rework! 

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