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Development Update


2023 is over for some months now, and we are still going strong working on developing more features. Down below, you can find out more about our plans, goals and the future we have in mind for “Realm of the Mad God”. The whole team is excited to start sharing more information about specific features with you very soon! So let’s get right into it.

What’s to come: 

Realm Rework

Before everyone gets worried, the Realm Rework is still in the works and will happen! You might remember Acalos mentioning the goal of releasing it in December 2023. While we got closer to this date we noticed that the current status of the project was not up to our expectations. This feature is very important for everyone. We as a company and you as the people who want to play something new and fresh. The goal is to release something you can be happy about and enjoy playing for a long time. There is no use in us rushing out this update if the player base doesn’t like it, right?

So where do we go from here? We have rearranged the Design team in a way that more resources are now on the Realm Rework. While this doesn’t mean that we are not working on other features on the side, this rework has our main focus right now. We want to make sure that we can deliver this update sooner than later. Additionally, we aim to make sure that the quality of the update is good and include a touch to detail. The Closed Testers are also heavily engaged in assisting with the Rework.

Next week we will be sharing some exciting news regarding the Realm Rework, including a date when the Realm Rework will go into Open Beta! 

FoW Removal

Recently announced, we are currently working on a way to remove the Fog of War from the game for at least the Nexus and the Realm in general. This brings some questions regarding balancing and technical aspects we need to clarify first which is the reason you currently can’t experience this change yet.

Over the past years the removal of the Fog was one of the most asked for quality of life changes and we hope to deliver this soon to you. This might also come with an adjustment to the field of view distance. Right now there are no plans to change the FoW in dungeons but never say never.

Party Finder

Another feature you all asked for, for a long time. Right now the game doesn’t offer an easy way to form and play together in groups. To combat this issue we are currently working on a new Party Finder. 

This Tool will allow you to form groups, list them and set specific requirements players have to fulfill before applying for the group. This will also allow for specific keys to be entered only by the party who opened the key. Additionally Party Bonuses might be in place to make forming and grouping up more interesting.

Please note that all of this is work in progress and as always will be on Testing for all of you to give in depth feedback (very very soon). This feature in general will also make it easier for new players to form groups with friends. 

Promo Code System

This might not sound like the craziest system but a Promo Code system is a staple in a lot of games these days. The power to share codes with the playerbase, returning players, and media is a good tool to bring in new players and reactivate old ones.

You probably all know such a system. Ever signed up for a newsletter and received a code with some goodies? That’s it! 

This system allows us to have an easier time giving out goodies, let our Content Creators give out items and allow the media to share some cool items with you! We hope to be able to deliver this system soon, to make sure we can promote the game better in the future.

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