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Part III: Music and Sounds

Good to see you again, this series of a look Behind the Scenes comes to an end! But worry not, as we are closing in on our target for a beta release we want to further increase our efforts by having more regular, but granular updates on our progress.

Lets begin with a short introduction of our composers who have been working on the Soundtrack:

Hi there! I’m WangleLine, a musician, sound designer and Youtuber from Germany. DECA got in touch with me because of some old RotMG fan-music I made about a year ago and now I’m here to breathe life into the audible side of Realm of the Mad God. I make both the official soundtrack (together with Aiden Strozzi) and all the new sound effects for the game!

Hey! My name is Aiden, but a lot of you know me as Spave and it’s been a dream come true working on the new soundtrack for RotMG. I hope this shows you guys that the soundtrack is in good hands!


Now it’s time for some music, without further ado let’s take a listen to what our external composers have been up to!
Nexus Theme

Low-Midlands Theme
Pet Yard Theme

Desert Theme
Castle Theme
Oryx Theme

Head over to Bandcamp and support the amazing work, 100% of all earnings will go towards its creators! Once purchased, any new track added in the future will become available to you without any additional cost.

Now these are only very specific examples, the plan is for the Beta to have the most important locations nailed down and work on dungeon specific themes as the Beta runs into the release. We also got some designs for an adaptive music system where the music would react to certain triggers in game i.e. starting an event, entering the boss room our just simply roaming in the Realm, right now it’s out of scope for the release and we are planning to add such system after the release.


Additionally, WangleLine is working on a lot of new sound effects. The idea is to rework every sound currently in the game and bring them up on par with the music. Not only that, we also plan to add a new set of sounds such as ambient sound effects like water flowing, torches burning as well as footsteps!

Early Sound FX Mockup

If you are interested in finding out more about our artist and support them through their channels, feel free to give them a visit here:
WangleLine’s YouTube
Aiden Strozzi’s Instagram

Also a huge shoutout and a special thanks to Tyler and Guac who helped kickstart this whole project!

All the best,
WangleLine, Spave & Fidelow

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