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Hello Realmers,

April is soon coming to an end and with it our special Events in Realm. Today’s Update changes the April Fools re-skins and names back to normal and also removes the Easter Campaign Tokens and their associated points. Down below you can find out more about the upcoming changes to stat stacking for items and consumables. The Hardmode of Shatters is also going to receive some adjustments. We also welcome a new ST Set into our ranks. The Fiery Kensei ST can now drop in the game! You can also have a look at several new hotfixes for various things.

Events in May

Starting with our mini Reconstruction event at the end of May, we plan to attempt a new approach to our events as rarer, longer and more thematic occurrences. We hope you will enjoy it! Below you can see what will be going on throughout the next month.

We are changing the stat stacking for both items and consumables:

Previously, one of the problems in our system was that stat modifiers were applied in a very inconsistent way. You could stack two different modifiers on the same stat and, depending on the circumstances and context, they would overwrite, or even ignore one another without a proper, logical stacking method. This issue lasted for a very long time and it hindered the creation and balancing of several items.

Now, we are changing and introducing new functionalities to finetune the rules by which different stat modifiers are applied to a player, from either gear or consumables. Here you will see a brief description of some of our new “stacking modes”.

Diminishing returns stacking mode

In this mode, the oldest modifier works fully at 100% efficiency while new modifiers to the same stat are added on top of it, which will be applied at a decreased efficiency. This works very similarly to the current stacking system.


  • The player uses an item that gives +10 ATT.
  • They use it again, or another item boosting attack. Their total ATT bonus is ~18 (the second use is less efficient and only provides +8 ATT!)
  • They use it again. Their total Attack bonus becomes ~23 (the third use is even less efficient, providing +5 ATT!)

Maximum stacking mode

In this mode, only the highest modifier will be applied.


  • Player equips an item that gives +50 HP.
  • The player activates an Ability that gives +100 HP.
  • The player gets a total of +100 HP for the duration of the Ability.

Per-item no-stacking mode

In this mode, you can only receive the modifier from a particular item once.

You can still receive modifiers to the same stat from other items, but not from the one you already have a modifier from.


  • Player uses the Seal of the Seeker Ability to boost hitpoints.
  • This item will then be ignored for all further attempts to boost hitpoints.
  • The player may use other items to boost hitpoints, so long as they are not the same item.
Diminishing returns stacking modeMaximum stacking modePer-item no-stacking mode
Helm of Draconic DominanceSeal of the InitiateCloak of Bloody Surprises
Champion’s BastionSeal of the PilgrimCrystal Shield
Tome of Holy FurorSeal of the SeekerCrystalline Kunai
Seal of the Enchanted ForestSeal of the AspirantMad Javelin
Sacrilege SealSeal of the DivineNoble Mandolin
Mighty SteinSeal of the Holy WarriorOryxmas Carol
Ceremonial MerlotSeal of the Blessed ChampionResurrected Warrior’s Armor
Slurpian Sea ScrollLegacy Seal of the Enchanted ForestGreaterhosen
Lightshow ScepterAdvent SealHollyhock Hide
Helm of Exalted MightScholar’s SealAegis Armor
LullabySeal of InvocationSquadron Sheathing
Tome of ExorcismSeal of Righteous VictoryJudge’s Robe
Sandstone SealNovice’s LuteReinforced Root Armor
Rage ClawsOakwood LuteResplendent Bow
Cursed Spire SpellIron LuteLaborer’s Hard Hat
Silver LuteOperator’s Hard Hat
 Battle LuteForeman’s Hard Hat
 Regal LuteEmber of the Void
 Skyward LuteEmber of the Daeva
 Nebular LuteMetal-plated Corset
 Nether LuteBlitz Sheath
 Snake Charmer PungiLeaf Dragon Hide Armor
 Angel’s Fanfare*Prism of Shattered Light
  Cloak of the Darkened Sun
  Orb of Conquest
  Seal of the Battle God
  Vesture of Duality
  Vampiric Cape
  Collector’s Monocle
  Centaur’s Shielding
  Exalted God’s Horn
  Cloak of Eerie Trepidation
Angel’s Fanfare*

* Angel’s Fanfare, due to its particular design that contains several effects combined, also uses a combination of different stack modes.

Shatters Hardmode Balance Tweaks

  • King’s Patience Phase has increased from 35 seconds to 40 seconds
  • All shots in the queen phase now armor pierce
  • The rotating shots in the queen phase now quiet for 2 seconds
  • The shots from the outer crystals in the queen phase now expose instead of armor break
  • Helpless Soul Spawn rate is greatly increased during the queen phase

Bug fixes:

  • The Lair of Draconis Portal now resets its animation when viewed for the first time (including changing rooms).
  • Slow immunity added to Limoz Abundant Shields.
  • Corrected animation on Hanagasaku Bud Bomb.
  • Fixed stacked shots in Daichi’s Final Phase
  • Added the functionality to remove an old build and automatically download the latest one for Mac
  • Fixed an issue that caused some vault and inventory rollbacks
  • Fixed a bug where IGNs got transformed into strings from the game
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to invite someone into their guild with the /invite command, independently of their rank
  • Fixed an issue that caused the special characters in the Irish Dancer Trickster Skin Tooltip to appear bugged
  • Fixed a bug where Earthen Ward and Augur of the Tempest were not dropping at proper rate from Earth Elemental and Air Elemental respectively
  • The Bridge Sentinel and the Forgotten King are now properly deleting the Kensei sheath decoy during their fights
  • Fixed various small issues with several skins

Other changes:

  • Disabled the Shadowmute system. It can be re-enabled if needed.
  • Tooltips now have a new yellow line indicating the bonus to the stat
  • Removed feed power from the Perception of Guill Pet Skin and the skin is no longer exchangeable for Crystals of Fortune
  • Sentinel Watchdog, Shadow Stormbird and Royal Void Cat Pet Skins are now exchangeable for Crystals of Fortune
  • Removed Easter token drops

New Cosmetics

  • Swimsuit Kensei Skin
  • Surf Guru Kensei Skin
  • New idle animation added to Playful Bunny Pet Skin

Fiery Kensei ST

The Fiery Kensei ST set is now dropping in-game!

  • Fiery Katana – Shaitan the Advisor
  • Pyro Sheath – Pyyr the Crimson Dragon
  • Flame Guard – The Beekeper
  • Firelight Necklace – Archdemon Malphas

Additionally, this and other ST sets now drop from various Quest Chests:

  • Fiery Kensei ST set:
    • Fiery Katana – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Pyro Sheath – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Flame Guard – Honeyed Epic Quest Chest
    • Firelight Necklace – Standard Quest Chest
  • Tidal Wave Kensei ST set:
    • Saif of the Deep  – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Loch Sheath  – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Barrier Reef  – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Alexander’s Band  – Mighty Quest Chest
  • Storm Caller Bard ST set:
    • Hailstorm – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Thundering Chorus – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Wind Dancer Robe – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Augur of the Tempest – Mighty Quest Chest
  • Earthen Bulwark Summoner ST set:
    • Earthen Ward – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Stonemould Mace – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Rocky Robe – Mighty Quest Chest
    • Steadfast Glyph – Standard Quest Chest

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