Alien Event and Baba Marta!



Time is flying and March has arrived. And with the new month, new events arrive! But this time we have even more news to share. Ever wondered about Baba Marta? You can find out more about it down below. We are also announcing the winners of our Speedrun Contest!


Starting on the 4th of March at 12 PM UTC the Alien Event begins!
The Event ends on the 13th of March at 12 PM UTC.

There are several exciting things going to happen in Realm during that time! Let’s start with Calbrik.

Commander Calbrik will be guaranteed in Realm at the end of an Alien Invasion and he will drop 2 Universal Fragments and 1 Shard of the Advisor.

At the same time, the dungeons Untaris, Malogia, Forax and Katalund are going to give double EXP and 2 Universal Fragments and 1 Shard of the Advisor from each final boss in the dungeon.

Let’s also have a quick look at the quests.

Quest NameRequirementsRewardsType of Quest
Alien SupplyUniversal Fragment x40Malogia Weapon Cache x1Untaris Weapon Cache x1Forax Weapon Cache x1Katalund Weapon Cache x1Repeatable, Item of choice
Core: PowerUniversal Fragment x60Alien Core: Power x1Once per account
Core: Dark MatterUniversal Fragment x60Alien Core: Dark Matter x1Once per account
Core: CorrosionUniversal Fragment x60Alien Core: Corrosion x1Once per account
Core: Warpx60Alien Core: Warp x1Once per account
Fusion!Alien Core: Power x1
Alien Core: Dark Matter x1
Alien Core: Corrosion x1
Alien Core: Warp x1
Loaded Core x1Repeatable
Alien TechUniversal Fragment x100Locked Reactor x1Once per account
More Fusion!Loaded CoreLocked ReactorEntropy Reactor x1Repeatable
Those are not dishes!Universal Fragment x60Malogian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Untarian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Foraxian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Katalonian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Once per account, Item of choice
The MatricesUniversal Fragment x60Magic Protective Matrix
Fitted Protective Matrix
Heavy Protective Matrix
Once per day, Item of choice
Out of this world!Universal Fragment x100Space Smuggler Rogue SkinSpace Cowboy Rogue SkinAstronaut Knight SkinStar Shooter Assassin SkinTime Traveler Trickster SkinLeech Robot Necromancer SkinOnce per account, Item of choice

Happy Baba Marta!

With a large part of our team based in Bulgaria, we thought we would share with you one of our more endearing traditions, also shared by Greece and Romania among others (where we also have colleagues!).

On the first of March, we here celebrate Baba Marta (“Grandma Marta”), a tradition hailing the coming of spring in which we exchange red-and-white string tokens as a wish for health and prosperity. You may see many interpretations of the folklore behind them if you go researching – it is difficult to trace this tradition, but folk tales and explanations abound. In the end, is it not sufficient to wish each other good health and happiness, and remember that Spring is near?

These little tokens – martenitsi – may take the shape of bracelets or decorations worn on your clothes among countless others. One of the most popular forms of martenitsi is Pizho and Penda – a pair of male and female woolen dolls in red and white, which inspired the pair of skins coming to the shop today.

When spring arrives in full, tradition dictates that one lets go of their martenitsi, tying them on a blossoming tree branch or leaving them under a stone, with much folklore around this as well.

Happy Baba Marta!

Speedrun Winners:

The pursuit of love speedrun happened on the testing server, during the weekends of 11-14 and 18 21st of February. The winners already received 1 Valentine’s Day Archer Set; 1 Soulful Affection and 80 Crystals of Extreme Fortune in their gift chests.

First place: Charizard, RealFudge

Time: 00:38.767


Second place: Risguy, Enteruser

Time: 0:41.92


Third place: Spncerfrez, Flav

Time: 00:42.400


These 10 randomly picked groups of participants got a Valentine’s Mystery Skin and 1000g:

ZiggyDaGuy, FlyingFord

Time: 01:02.017

Uselessapp, KYKYNANA

Time: 01:44.01

BGJOE, Baconocab

Time: 00:50.16

WhyV, UpTiltOP

Time: 00:42:600

Joshycannn, BigRedDogg

Time: 00:53:97

LightOG, BbqSaucey

Time: 00:56.51


Time: 01:55.300

GMLThree, Pokybence

Time: 01:47:13

Wildsniper, Fangobango

Time: 0:43.34

Theflufbol, Hexeddd

Time: 01:47.0

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