Update 2.2.3

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Valentine’s has ended and therefore the Nexus is back to its Spring version. With this release, we are having some stability fixes and minor changes.


  • Heart Shards don’t drop from bosses anymore. They also do not grant campaign points.
  • New Blueprints arrive in the Shop!
    • High Tech Terror
  • The Third Dimension
  • Removed invulnerability for O2’s sun phase.
  • Small offset added to exploding artifacts in the O2 dance phase. 
  • Oryx Sergeant will now flash before charging onto players, similarly to how the Mushroom Berserker was changed.
  • Jack Frost’s loot components are now stasis-immune.
  • Made it more likely to get potions from WLab’s Treasure Room.
  • The Fungal and Crystal Cavern: Crystal’s explosions now inflict “Silence” instead of “Quiet”.
  • Lowered the activation time on Ent Ancients towards them achieving their final form.
  • Made the Cubic Frame into an orbiting summon.
  • Twilight Gemstone and Robe of the Mad Scientist’s tooltip changed to better reflect the MP reduction during “casting” of your abilities and is not intended to reduce the sustained MP cost they might cause (for example when used with CShield)
  • Your character will now keep on shooting when you open the chatbox and have auto-shooting toggled.


  • Added new Idle animations to the Shattered King Necromancer Skin.
  • New Skins arrive in the game:
    Twilight Rogue Skin
    Duality Priest Skin
    Pizho Paladin Skin
    Penda Archer Skin


  • Fixed a typo in the description of Holly Poison.
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Ice Cave Key.
  • Fixed a problem with the green dye mask on the Charming Dancer Bard Skin.
  • Solved an issue that made the fame display 0 if a player surpassed the  2.147.483.000 mark. 
  • Fixed a bug that cause debug text to appear in Oryx’s callouts during O2
  • Fixed a bug where Prismimic could softlock under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with a minion’s explosion attack in Lair of Shaitan.
  • Fixed the bug with the campaign reward tooltip not appearing when hovering over it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dye from previous preset to appear in the buy confirm purchase dialog box in the customization menu
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2 replies on “Update 2.2.3”

  1. eris

    kensei still crashes.

  2. James

    Hi, Jame here.

    I sense a theme of quality of life updates being introduced during this update and I was curious to know if you guys knew that you could do “hot fixes” instead of just waiting for a certain number or something to update all of them at the same time. Another game that does this well (but you would have to do it differently for realm) is a game called “Warframe”. Whenever they see fit, they will just update the game and everyone would have to re-login. This is a good thing on two fronts because you can keep the hackers not on your game because they have to wait for their “precious client” to be updated and bots that spam all have to be logged in again once they all update too. So not only do you get the patches out quicker, but the community of players who play the game legit and do not cheat get to have a brief period of time where they can just play the game without being bullied or interrupted by players either tracking them or having an unfair advantage.

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