Open Testing for an early OryXmas!

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Hello Realmers,

The time is flying and 2021 is soon coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean that testing ends! You were already able to test the Kensei twice – well, it’s time to do it again. Third time’s the charm, right?

But this testing weekend includes more than just our new class! We are working on several features that we want you to test this time around.

This includes changes to the Kensei (You will also be able to test his campaign, a new shop, new dungeon mods, and more!


Another batch of changes was done to Kensei, which will hopefully make it look close to what we are going to release.

We would like you to test it once again and share your opinions and feedback!

On this weekend’s testing, you can see changes to both Tiered Gear and UT’s, anywhere from small tweaks to more substantial changes.

New dungeon mods

New dungeon modifiers have been added to the game. We’ll explain them extensively at a later point, but please take a look at this recap. 

Dungeons by difficulty

Some Dungeon Mods are restricted to certain groups of dungeons, classified by difficulty. Take a look here:

Pirate Cave
Forest Maze
Spider Den
Forbidden Jungle
The Hive
Sprite World
Snake Pit
Magic Woods
Cave of A Thousand Treasures
Ancient Ruins
Candyland Hunting Grounds
Undead Lair
Manor of the Immortals
Mad Lab
Abyss of Demons
Puppet Master's Theatre
Toxic Sewers
Cursed Library
Haunted Cemetery
Davy Jones' Locker
The Machine
The Third Dimension
The Crawling Depths
Ice Cave
Alien dungeons
Woodland Labyrinth
Ocean Trench
Mountain Temple
Parasite Chambers
Deadwater Docks
Cnidarian Reef
Lair of Draconis
Belladonna's Garden
Tomb of the Ancients
Ice Tomb
Secluded Thicket
Heroic dungeons
The Shatters
Fungal Cavern
The Nest
Lost Halls

New Dungeon Mods

We are trying to improve the system so we can have more gameplay-affecting Dungeon Mods and more rewarding Dungeon Mods. We think that this batch is a step in that direction. We’ll be waiting for your feedback!

Dungeon ModDescriptionDungeon GradeDungeon restrictions
Key Fairy I & IIUpon killing the boss, a Key Fairy has a chance (20%/33%) to spawn. The Key Fairy will drop 1 Mystery Key!· Rare Keys will drop in Easy dungeons.· Epic Mystery Keys will drop in Mid and Advanced dungeons.· Legendary Mystery Keys will drop in Hard dungeons.A, S GradeAny dungeon
Mystery Skins
Upon killing the boss, a Mystery Skin token will have a chance to drop. Collect 40 to receive a Mystery Skin consumable. The chance varies on the dungeon.S GradeMid and above
Skin Hunter I & II
Boss enemies that can drop pet and player skins have better drop rates (x2/x3) applied.A, S GradeAny dungeon
Boss enemies drop a Nildrop on defeat. The quality depends on the dungeon.D GradeAny dungeon
Bonus Consumables
Bosses will drop additional consumables belonging to the dungeon upon defeat. Bosses that do not have unique consumables will drop additional Health Potions instead.D GradeAny dungeon
Mystery Tincture
Boss will drop a Tincture on defeat.C GradeEasy or Mid only
Mystery Effusion
Boss will drop an Effusion on defeat.C GradeAdvanced and above
Exalted Banner I & II
Chance (15%/33%) for an additional exaltation complete to be granted upon completion.A, S GradeAdvanced and above
Found Treasure! II & II
Treasure rooms will reveal themselves at the start of the dungeon if they exist.“Found Treasure! II” will also increase the droprate of UTs and STs in those Treasure rooms by x1.25A, S GradeAny dungeon that can have TRooms
Heroic Regeneration
Enemies will have a chance to drop Heroic Orbs on death, that grant Healing or Energized.C GradeAny dungeon
Spider Swarm
Enemies have a chance to split into multiple spiders that drop ichors on death.C, B GradeAny dungeon
Alexander’s Legacy I, II, III & IV
Thessal has an additional chance (25%/50%/75%/100%) at becoming wounded upon defeat.C, B, A, S GradeOcean Trench
Crab Rave
The Calamity Crab is replaced with (4/6) mini-Calamity Crabs.A, S GradeDeadwater Docks
Haunted Halls
Additional chance for each room to contain a Spectral SentryB, A, S GradeLost Halls
Lingering Magi
The castle starts with one Magi Generator already active.S GradeThe Shatters
New miniboss: The Wanderer
Dungeon ModDescriptionDungeon GradeDungeon restrictions
The Wanderer

An unknown foe will appear after the Boss is defeated, with it’s own loot table.S GradeAny dungeon

We present you a new challenger from unknown lands: she’s The Wanderer. This optional miniboss will only appear in any S Grade dungeons that get ‘The Wanderer’ Dungeon Mod. 

After you defeat the boss, The Wanderer will pop through a portal and challenge you instead of her original target, which you defeated. The duel will be intense, but fair. The Wanderer will adapt her abilities to the dungeon you are in. In Hard dungeons, she will try her best to duel you. If you win, her loot will be yours (but it’ll also depend on how difficult the dungeon you are in is).

Kensei Campaign

The first out of two upcoming Kensei-centric campaigns will be up on the Testing server this weekend. The second one will be coming later during Oryxmas. We are trying a more fair points distribution – the campaign will be easier and you might see some differences in point drops from monsters.

Events with Mods

We are happy to say that we can now use Mods for Events in the game and we plan to make the most out of it during Oryxmas! Here is a list of Events you will be able to try during Public Testing:

The NestGrade A – Exalted Banner I, Elite Boss I
Fungal and Crystal CavernGrade A – Exalted Banner I, Ferocious Boss I
Lost Halls, Cultist Hideout, The VoidGrade A – Exalted Banner I, Weak Boss I, Tame Boss II
The ShattersGrade A – Exalted Banner, Weak Boss I, Tame Boss II
Ancient Ruins, Snake Pit, Sprite World and Battle for the Nexus – Wanderer Boss
Ice Cave, The Inner SanctumGrade  A – Ferocious Boss III, XP Boost (Minions) II, Guaranteed Stat Potion

Skins have new and smoother animations

Since we migrated the game to Unity we’ve been wanting to improve the overall look of the game and now we have prepared some changes for you guys. First and foremost, you have new default skins for each of the classes. The old default skins will now be called Classic Skins and will be available for free in the Wardrobe and Character Creation screen. 

A small note: since the last testing session, some tweaks have been made to the new default character sprites that did not make it into the session today. Behold, the future default sprites!

Second, we have introduced Ranks for skins. These can be:

The skins that have been so far in the game will fall in either Basic, Greater, Superior or Paramount Ranks. The big news is that we have added the possibility to have more frames on animations, optional animations for the same animation (example: have more than one attack animation) and idle animation! New skins that will have this feature will either fall into Paramount or Exalted ranks. In the future the skins will display the information of rank.

We want to encourage you to try them. Keep in mind that not all of these are in their last, most polished version, but will be in the official release! You will find a box in the Deals section called “New Skins” with:

  1. Ice Skater Kensei Skin
  2. Oryxmas Treeckster Skin
  3. Cozy Blanket Sorcerer Skin
  4. Oryxmas Caroler Bard Skin
  5. Festive Sprite Pet Skin
  6. Grandma Necromancer Skin
  7. Grandpa Paladin Skin
  8. The Giving One Priest Skin
  9. Gift-wrapped Box Pet Skin
  10. Ice King Knight Skin
  11. Rain Flower Kensei Skin
  12. Ugly Oryxmas Sweater Warrior Skin

You will be able to find these skins on the renovated Shop menu or in the Bazaar. We will give more details about skins distribution on the release day. We have few more surprises, but we are keeping them for Oryxmas release… 

New skins that fall into other ranks:

  1. Supermodel of Swordsmanship Kensei Skin
  2. Searing Itinerant Kensei Skin
  3. Dahlia Flower Kensei Skin
  4. Lady Ginger Archer Skin
  5. Honourable Shiba Kensei Skin
  6. Mini Tidal Wave Kensei Skin
  7. Bunny Attendant Kensei Skin
  8. Graceful Kensei Skin
  9. Pearl Moon Kensei Skin
  10. Oryxmas Shiba Pet Skin
  11. Demon Mistress Pet Skin

Veteran Skins 

A new collection of skins will be available for the ones who have stayed with us for a long time! On Production, Veterans will be able to get this collection for 2555 Fame. This is our way to thank you for playing Realm for longer than 7 years. Special thanks go to NblankFour for his collection up to Summoner! On Public Testing everyone will be able to play with them:

New Shop

We renovated the shop and added a new tab just for Skins! We are doing the final touches on it so you will be able to see a list of 416 character skins and 238 Pet Skins. Overall, many changes can still come to the Skins tab. You have a toggle to switch between Character and Pet skins.

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  1. Hond

    Constantly getting disconnects in testing
    Also Wanderer mod appears on grade D and not grade S
    Also dungeon with wanderer boss I disconnect after couple minutes

  2. EyanTCO

    Will we be able to obtain the veteran skins once our account hits 7 years? mine is currently at ~6 years and 353 days.

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