Changes to Schematic Quests!

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Hello Realmers,

We are still observing and tweaking Blueprint-related things! To address the Oryx 3 sized elephant in the room first, yes, these quests turned out to be substantially harder than we intended and will be made easier: The upcoming quests requirements are going to be reduced to 50 Schematics or 50 (Ancient) Schematics.

Today, you will also notice the Schematics quests going from four to eight possible Blueprint rewards – that is because we are expanding the pool available to the quests, from only previously unobtainable or limited Blueprints to also include those S and S+ tier Blueprints that do drop in-game. 

And quite importantly, with our upcoming Oryxmas release, most of these previously unobtainable monster loot Blueprints that don’t have a home yet will be added to bosses’ loot and finally have a place to belong! 

The speed of rotation remains two weeks for now, but with the Blueprint rewards going from four to eight, it should take about the same time as before for a Blueprint to come back – eight weeks. But as we keep iterating, and with the upcoming buff to drop rates, any of the quests’ variables remain subject to, well, iteration, including drop rates, rotation speed and requirements. 

Let us know your thoughts as always.

So to sum it up, until December 14th, you will be able to get the following Blueprints:

Ancient CraftsmanshipForgotten Craftsmanship
Sporous Spray SpellStaff of Unholy Sacrifice
Cave Dweller TrapBloodshed Ring
Fractured Gemstone WakizashiSkull of Corrupted Souls
Star of EnlightenmentRitual Robe
DivinityHivemind Mace
Oryx’s EscutcheonHivemaster Helm
Helm of the JuggernautEchoes Prism
Omnipotence RingCrystallised Mist

And on December 14th, the Blueprints for these items will get added to their respective bosses:

Bracer of the GuardianS+Bridge Sentinel
The Forgotten CrownS+The Forgotten King
Sword of the ColossusS+Marble Colossus
Marble SealS+Marble Colossus
Quiver of the ShadowsS+Void Entity
Bow of the VoidS+Void Entity
Armor of NilS+Void Entity
SourcestoneS+Void Entity
Sporous Spray SpellS+Crystal Worm Mother
Cave Dweller TrapS+Crystal Worm Mother
Royal Guard’s CuirassSBridge Sentinel
Vest of Abandoned ShadowsSTwilight Archmage
Mantle of the MonarchySThe Forgotten King
WarmongerSThe Forgotten King
Dusky CatalystSTwilight Archmage
ValorSBridge Sentinel
Primal ArcanaSTwilight Archmage
Sentinel’s SidearmSBridge Sentinel
Polarity PoisonSTwilight Archmage
Noble MandolinSThe Forgotten King
Vanguard’s VisageSBridge Sentinel
PeacekeeperSThe Forgotten King
EH Hivemaster HelmSKiller Bee Queen
Echoes PrismSCrystal Entity
Crystallised MistSCrystal Entity
Crystal ShieldSCrystal Worm Mother
Refraction CloakSCrystal Entity
Crystallised Fang’s VenomSCrystal Worm Father
The Twilight GemstoneSTwilight Archmage
Blue Beehemoth QuiverSBlue Beehemoth
Yellow Beehemoth QuiverSYellow Beehemoth
Red Beehemoth QuiverSRed Beehemoth
Queen’s Stinger DaggerSKiller Bee Queen
Staff of Unholy SacrificeSMalus
Bloodshed RingSMalus
Skull of Corrupted SoulsSMalus
Ritual RobeSMalus
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