Black Friday and Extra Gold!

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Golden Realmers!

It is that time of the year again. We are bringing you our Black Friday Deals!
We prepared 3 different packs for you to choose from.

Buy the Super Gold Pack to receive 500 gold extra. Purchase the Superb Gold Pack and receive 700 Gold extra or go for the Supreme Gold Pack and gain 1400 Gold extra. That’s up to 100% extra Gold!

You could say they taste, golden! *Please don’t eat the gold.

Summed up, you will be able to get up to 2600 gold extra (that’s around 20 USD)! So hurry up.

All three packs will be available from 11/25,12:00 UTC until 11/27, 12:00 UTC
All three packs are limited to 1 per player each.

But that’s not all! We have more extra promotions running over the weekend. Check them out by visiting the store.
Don’t miss your chance! Starting 11/26 at 14:00 UTC, we are going to have different, special sales in the shop. Those sales have discounts up to 58%! But make sure to be quick.
They are changing every 2 hours until 11/27 at 22:00 UTC and end on 11/28 at midnight.
Keep in mind that some of our special promotions are going to have a limit! You don’t want to miss out! 

Don’t forget to claim your Free Thanksgiving Pack! We still have some turkey ready. You don’t want the food to be wasted. Starting 11/25 8 AM UTC You have time until 11/29, 8 AM UTC to claim your free pack.

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  1. Coolfood

    yo gg

  2. Grant

    Is there any way to know what special packs will be on sale ahead of time? I’m super busy this weekend with finals and might not be able to check the packs every 2 hours. I’d love to get some extra loot before Christmas though!

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