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Hello Realmers,

Last September we invited you to answer a survey (and you can expect more coming from us). Your feedback is very important for us here, and to show you we really care, we want to share and address the results with you. This is the start of a series of posts where we will address the issues that concern you the most.

Forms response chart. Question title: From a scale of 1 to 5, how do you feel about how DECA has handled communication with the community?. Number of responses: 3,158 responses.

We will start with the topic that brings us here: communication and transparency. We have undergone a series of efforts in order to communicate better with you and to be as transparent as possible. 

In the past year, we’ve increased the number of communications (and communication channels) and started a number of other small initiatives in order to get to know you better: the interviews or even this survey. We always try to communicate big features beforehand and have been releasing updates every 2 or 3 weeks.

We started doing more Open Testing Sessions on the testing servers, as a way to increase the game’s stability, but also to keep showing you what we are doing and so that you can see the changes that are being made on the fly. 

We are trying to improve on the communication when issues happen with the servers: in the latest release, we introduced a new warning system in the launcher so that you can immediately see if something is wrong with the game, and we are looking into additional ways of communicating game problems and stability.

Forms response chart. Question title: What would you say the Community Manager needs to do more? (You can choose more than one). Number of responses: 3,158 responses.

Part of the good news is that we are expanding our Community Management Team! [Wohoo! – Wotan here] and we will most certainly be more active on Discord, Reddit, and RealmEye. 

We are also trying to be more transparent with our community programs. That’s why we are launching the Fan Content and the Future Seekers Program: from here on, all community-related programs will be public and fully disclosed on the website.

Fan Content

We’ve made it easier for the players who want to see their character and pet skins, sprites, or other assets be used in the game. With the previous model, only a selected few would get that chance, or you’d have to reach out to us on Discord or even through the Customer Support agents. Now you can just select Fan Content from the top menu. Your submitted content will be reviewed, and if the RotMG team decides to include it in the game, you’ll get the content you made, plus 2000 Realm gold. You can go through the Terms and Conditions here

Future Seekers

The Future Seekers Program was created with the goal of gathering a small community of players who, for fun, want to help with testing or creating items and dungeons for the game. It’s the natural evolution of our previous UGC and Tester programs.

Future Seekers get to:

  • Participate in testing sessions and give feedback to content DECA and other Future Seekers are creating
  • Give feedback to events DECA is planning
  • Create their own projects on a Future Seekers dedicated server (equipment, dungeons, enemies, etc.)
  • Make changes to existing in-game sprites
  • Make suggestions to change the existing sprites or new sprites created by DECA
  • Give feedback on art and gameplay projects created by other Future Seekers
  • Create art for other Future Seekers’ projects
  • Report bugs
  • Give feedback to DECA regarding the art being submitted via “Fan Content”
  • Give feedback for applications to the Future Seekers program
  • and more…

The ones that are active get 5k in Realm gold per month.

You can apply to become a Future Seeker here, after going through the Terms and Conditions.

If the system does not let you submit the form, you should try again within a few hours.

One last note: if you haven’t been able to connect due to getting the warning stating that you have changed your IP too many times, please reach out to customer support. Thank you.

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3 replies on “Seeking the future is transparent”

  1. femboy

    These changes are great! Love how more fan content can get in and more people can become a Future Seeker! Makes it feel like the community will be heavily involved in developing the game!

  2. pieboymega

    You guys are doing great (:

  3. Bobby Joe

    Happy to see some of those survey results posted, and I’m looking forward to the increased communication!

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