13 days of headhunting: choose your bounty!

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Update: if you are looking for the winners, go here.

Hello Realmers,

The bosses at the Godlands have all become a little bit madder since MotMG. With Halloween approaching the veils between the realms have become thinner, messing even more with their heads. For the next 13 days, we’ll need your help containing the madness. And the best part? You might be picked to get the bounty you chose!

 The event will last from today, October 15th, to October 27th.

Remember those Make-a-wish raffle events that we used to have? Well, today we are starting something very similar, but with a twist to give you more chances to win. It’s still very easy to participate:

  1. For each day you log in, you get an entry in the raffle. (1 per day = 13 entries per player)
  2. In order to participate, leave a comment on this blog post with your IGN and preferred Item with the format “IGN, Desired Item” (ex: Wotansson, Shield of Ogmur). One comment per account with ONLY this information. Nothing more. [Even if you only comment on the last day, we will count the other days].
    • You can choose any item that is a “real” item (no container). That means no chests, no mystery items, no gold, boxes, or packages. Admin items and unreleased or exclusive content is also off-limits – an item has to be either an in-game drop or is/had been for sale at some point.
    • Please take into consideration that all comments on the blog are moderated, so if you don’t see it right away don’t send it again, it’s normal. If the comment does not comply with the format above, it will not be eligible. 
  3. Killing any of the following gods will grant you an extra entry for that day. Please note that this is limited to 1 entry per day. Meaning that if you kill 100 gods on the same day, you’ll still only get one entry. To make the most of it, make sure you come back every day to hunt another Boss. At the end of the event, the total maximum entries anyone can have is 26. The bosses that unlock these extra daily entries are:
    • Dr. Terrible from the Mad Lab
    • Limon the Sprite Goddess from Sprite World
    • Archdemon Malphas from Abyss of Demons
    • Avalon the Archivist from Cursed Library
    • Fountain Spirit from Magic Woods
    • Gulpord the Slime God from Toxic Sewers
    • Septavius the Ghost God from Undead Lair
    • Golden Oryx Effigy from Cave of a thousand treasures
    • Stheno the Snake Queen from the Snake Pit
    • The Puppet Master from the Puppet Master’s Theatre
  4. The winners will receive rewards within 1 week after the event ends.
  5. We will pick 50 random players from the participants. The more entries, the more chances to win! (If we pick more than one entry belonging to the same player, we will draw another one, until we have 50 different winners).

Let the Headhunt begin!

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3,704 replies on “13 days of headhunting: choose your bounty!”

  1. Derpoz

    Derpoz, legendary humanoid egg

  2. NotSeppo

    NotSeppo, Ring of Decades
    Previous comment did not go through.

  3. Pilky

    Clickiss, The Twilight Gemstone

  4. carson

    DuckBoiii, Blueprint #78

  5. SoulTether

    SoulTether, Royal Guard’s Cuirass

  6. Gkhaos

    Gkhaos, Masked Rogue Skin

  7. Spewky

    Spewky, White Bag-chan Priestess Priest Skin

  8. Sean

    XSkellyx, forgotten crown

  9. nobara

    nobara, Incubation Mace Blueprint

  10. igotuson

    igotuson, Collector’s Monocle

  11. EnergyFoxx

    EnergyFoxx, Peacekeeper

  12. Socheezy

    Socheezy, Chinese Princess Warrior Skin

  13. nadnerby

    Nadnerby, E.Y.E

  14. William

    TeemoImove, Divinity

  15. William

    TeemoImove, Orb of Terror

  16. Oduka

    Oduka, Royal Void Cat Pet skin

  17. halite660

    Haliterock , shield of ogmur

  18. george

    Papatau, B.B. Wolf skin

  19. jugorojo

    jugorojo, Necronomicon

  20. Anthyros

    Anthyros, Tablet Blueprint (King’s Blueprint)

  21. Lucas

    Atallanta, The Forgotten Crown Blueprint

  22. Kong

    ComeKillMe, Exalted God’s Horn

  23. Kong

    ComeKillMe, Twilight Gemstone

  24. Oduka

    Oduka, Shield of Ogmur blueprint, (if not Royal Void Cat Pet skin)

  25. Joweany

    Joweany, Sir Bagston Pet Skin

  26. Almondfish

    Almondfish, character slot unlocker or Twintailed Vocalist Bard skin if not eligible

  27. Raymond

    Mondomundo, Court Jester Summoner Skin

  28. Kong

    ComeKillMe, The Twilight Gemstone

  29. MadTrix

    MadTrix, Incubation Mace Blueprint

  30. X

    XRewinD, Infernal Archdragon Pet Skin

  31. Daipainan

    Daipainan, Swimsuit Ninja skin

  32. Daipanain

    Daipanain, Beach Trickster skin

  33. Karefetart

    Karefetart, Char Slot Unlocker

  34. Aquafish

    Aquafish, Chinese Dress Trickster skin

  35. Salamence

    Salamence: Tablet Blueprint

  36. BlezipGod

    BlezipGod, Superior

  37. Arcticfish

    Arcticfish, character Slot unlocker

  38. Daipanine

    Daipanine, Swimsuit Trickster skin

  39. Moemoea

    Moemoea, char slot unlocker (or Lunar Mystic skin if cant have char slot)

  40. Winefish

    Winefish, Swimsuit Huntress skin

  41. Ed

    DoubleOsex, Incubation Mace Blueprint

  42. Plumfish

    Plumfish, Chinese Princess Warrior skin

  43. Logan

    Spazine, Incubation Mace Blueprint

  44. Logan

    TrueLog, Quartz Cutter

  45. Powerrage

    Powerrage, Orb of Conflict

  46. Jordan Lefchak

    FantzMan, Beachcake Skin

  47. Kian

    Mangopod, Dirk of Cronus

  48. Vakuda

    Vakuda, Tablet Blueprint

  49. Masherbs

    Masherbs, Lumiaire Blueprint

  50. Costa

    Costane, Tablet Blueprint

  51. SalilPT

    SalilPT, Beer Slurp

  52. Frozen

    MrFrozen, Forest Harpy Pet Skin

  53. LuisBS

    LuisBS, Dirk of Cronus

  54. Qeren

    Qeren, Beachcake Paladin skin

  55. John Hoelzer

    JohnnyCom, Omnipotence Ring

  56. Pilky

    Clickiss, The Forgotten Crown Blueprint

  57. SgtK

    SgtKerero, Peacekeeper (Dont know if my first comment went through, got a error message)

  58. Retordus

    Minezjeb, Health potion

  59. William

    TeemoImove, Warmonger

  60. FinalEmber

    FinalEmber, Juliet Trickster Skin

  61. William

    TeemoImove, Peacekeeper

  62. TzeVictor

    TzeVictor, Incubation Mace Blueprint (if not possible: Crystallised Fang’s Venom)

  63. Slugaboogo

    Slugaboogo, Blueprint #55 (for Tablet of the King’s Avatar)

  64. raiodrop

    Raiodrop, Tablet BluePrint from Avatar.

  65. Raiodrop

    Raiodrop, Tablet Blueprint (drops from avatar)

  66. SoraTsky

    SoraTSky, Shield of Ogmur

  67. Mujet

    Mujet, Tablet of the King’s Avatar Blueprint since i got the colossus blueprint

  68. Shky

    Shky, Incubation Mace Blueprint.

  69. logogol

    Logogol, Orb of Conflict blueprint

  70. MaengDa

    MaengDa, Blueprint #15

  71. DMANW

    IGN: DMANW, Prefered item JUGGGGGGGGGGGGG. ive been playing for 9 years and never got one

  72. Ayahuaska

    Legendary Egg? I don’t know what to ask for, but I’ll do a lot of snake pits! =)

  73. Adam

    XTRUCE, Samurai Quack Skin

  74. Dirt

    Dirt, Little Evil Doer Wizard skin

  75. Taftty, Phantasm Dirk

  76. Rubén Gonzálex

    rubencgc, Crab Samurai skin

  77. Derpoz

    Derpoz, legendary humanoid egg

  78. Tale

    Tale, Primal Arcana
    (It seems that I cannot make my mind up, but the Primal Arcana will be my absolute final decision)

  79. BeefTips

    BeefTips, Royal Void Cat Pet Skin

  80. Daipaninan

    Daipaninan, character slot. (if not possible, then White Bag-chan Priestess Skin)

  81. Iceprod

    Iceprod, Bergenia Bow

  82. Adrinda

    Adrinda, charSlot unlocker

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