Update 2.0.5

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Hello Realmers,

With this release, we are introducing important security measures to target DDoS attacks and multiboxing. We aim towards a more stable and secure Realm, with better loading times.

Other Changes:

  • Adjusted the loading screen size, so that the image does not appear stretched.
  • Added HP scaling anti-instakill failsafe to Puppet Master’s Encore, Royal Cnidarian, Lair of Shaitan, and Secluded Thicket;
  • Added a Server Status message area to the Launcher. A yellow, orange or red bar will now appear when there are server issues. The darker the bar, the more serious the issue;
  • The Exalt launcher will now remember your login credentials when you switch between production and testing environments;
  • The Noble Boss modifier is temporarily disabled.

Bug Fixes:

  • Players are now able to ping a dungeon after another player enters it.
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