Fresh events and a Poll

Development Update


The promised Nest event started today, with 1.5x the loot and XP. It will stay on until October, 5th at 12 PM UTC. On Friday, October 1st, there are a few more 1.5x events starting at The Shatters; Ice Cave; Ocean Trench, and Fungal Cavern. The events also end on October the 5th, at 12 PM.

What do these dungeons have that makes them so special, you may ask: well, these dungeons drop the Corrupted Paladin Set and The Daeva Trickster Set. The Crystal Prisoner will also have the ST drop rates increased by 1,5x during the duration of the events.

Corrupted Paladin Set

ItemDrop LocationEnemy
Fallen One’s BladeThe NestKiller Bee Queen
Abyssal InsigniaThe ShattersForgotten King
Vortex PlatingIce CaveEsben the Unwilling
Eye of the VoidRealmCrystal Prisoner

Daeva Trickster Set

ItemDrop LocationEnemy
Archangel’s JudgementThe ShattersForgotten Sentinel
Daevite ProgenitorFungal CavernCrystal Worm Mother
Seraphim’s GuardOcean TrenchThessal the Mermaid Goddess
Flames of GenesisRealmCrystal Prisoner
Last week we started this poll on Discord.

Poll Results:

Question: What IRL event would you prefer for Halloween?
4) Naaa, let’s have a karaoke night instead: 204 votes (35.79%)
1) Cosplay contest: 145 votes (25.44%)
3) Both: 132 votes (23.16%)
2) Pet cosplay contest: 89 votes (15.61%)

So… We will do it all! Karaoke night on Discord AND an IRL Cosplay contest, for you and your pet. Stay tuned for more details soon and check out this week’s poll!

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