Meet Demonterx


Hello Realmers,

Don’t get fooled by his IGN, this guy is closer to an angel or the opposite of the Harry Potter soul-devouring ghosts. He is 27, comes from India, and has a real passion for motorbikes. Meet Demonterx.

What is your job? Tell us about it.

Currently I am the Lead for the Embedded QA team for Realm of the Mad God

Any hidden talents or hobbies?

Am more of a motorcycle adventure traveler. My hidden talent is also related to my hobbies – I can fix any motorcycle so it can get me to the next garage for repairs.

How did you end up on DECA?

I wanted to work for a studio that operated on a confined smaller scale so I could contribute more to the product, and DECA was on the top 5 when I decided to move from a bigger gaming studio I was a part of.

Did you play RotMG before?

To be honest, on and off during my working hours back in my old days, we used office computers to play multiplayer games other than what we were supposed to work on.

RotMG was a flash game back then – low on system resources and left no traces in the browser. 😉

Favorite Class, Dungeon, and Item?

Class – Archer – cuz of the rate of fire that makes me run and shoot with the ST set on

Dungeon – HTT

Item – My Admin Sword – cuz only a few in the realm has access to it

What other games do you play?

Am more of a console guy cuz I treasure my consoles very much – still play on my Playstation 1 and NES till my thumbs sore out.

What makes RotMG unique?

The number one reason is the fact that RotMG appeals to gamers who are into retro visuals and I think RotMG nails it.

What are the things you love the most in the game?

Grinding, definitely grinding. Also our beautiful community

What would you change?

For sure the Realm Map, because now I know it like the back of my hand.

How do you see the game in 10 years?

I see RotMG with more content for the end-user. For sure as the game will evolve in ways one cannot anticipate.

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