Public Testing this weekend

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Hello Realmers,

This weekend we would like to invite you to hop in to our testing environment to test the stability of the new build. To make your time worth it, we have left two portals permanently open on T1: Lost Halls and Oryx’ Sanctuary. It will be great for training, since you will have maxing Apples available for free, as well as other items to quickly make your testing chars look super-duper. The Public Testing will start as soon as we have the build ready. We’ll announce on Discord!

Please remember that your production account will not work on Testing. If you have not done so already, you’ll need to create a new account for it.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll be able to see and try out: 

Unstable status effect

Instead of 360º, now the Unstable Status Effect will restrict the angle that a shoot can deviate up to a certain limit. So it will mess up with your aim (more noticeable at longer distances) but won’t completely nullify your attacks.

Notification Log

You can now see the last notifications in your interface.

Robe of the Mad Scientist

  • DEF +12
  • VIT +7
  • WIS +7
  • Discount 25% MP on ability use

Other minor changes

Fixed a problem in Bottled Medusazoan that affected its fire rate.

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