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New Video and Survey on Realm Remastered

Hello everyone,

The trees outside are in full bloom, and it is time for us to give you another update about our Unity project, “Realm of the Mad God Remastered.”

We have put together a new video showing the progress we have been making (although this one is now already lagging several weeks behind our current progress). If you just came here for the show, then go ahead and click right here.

If you are interested in getting a few more details and the most recent change log, keep on reading.

Internally, we have already released a version that finally allowed us to play the core game loop of going from the Nexus all the way to Oryx, killing the big bad himself, and then back to the Nexus. This marks an important milestone, as it should enable us to start testing all game dungeons in quick succession.

“But when will it finally come out?” we can almost hear you asking – and we feel the same way. Based on our most recent scoping of the work we still have left, we can tell you that we are definitely planning to release it this year still. As discussed in our recent producer letter, we are separating it from Month of the Mad God to give both projects the focus they require and deserve.

“But why is it taking so long?” we hear you shout out next. Fair point. When we set out to tackle this project, we wanted to make a point of not doing a hack job. We could have focused on visual eye candy to always keep up appearances of making meaningful headway. Instead we made sure that we approached it from a clean technical perspective, rebuilding everything that wasn’t implemented properly from scratch, and getting rid of that fabled “spaghetti code.” Our hard requirements are to offer you a game experience that is as close as possible to the current one, while adding some improvements and setting us up for a long and productive road of future changes after we get the initial launch version out the door.

To shorten the waiting time, we would like to offer you a way to make a direct contribution to the work that is being done on the Unity Client of the game. We have put together a survey to get a feeling for the features that you would be most happy to eventually see in a Unity version of the game – and yes, we are aware that there will likely be more options.

Click here and participate now!

In other news, we have added a dedicated game artist to our team to both give our old game UI a few strokes of paint and help us build a brand new version as well, that way you can have different options in the final product. We look forward to sharing some more of that in the near future. And while we bid you farewell, you should really check out our new Realm of the Mad God Remastered page. There you will find some information on the project as well as all the development videos, including a development blog with our latest change log.

The site will be expanded as development moves on, and we aim at giving you those small blog posts on a more frequent basis going forward. You are supporting us, you deserve to know what is up. 🙂

All the best,

The Deca Team

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