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Hello Realmers,

The weekend is almost here, and with it (hopefully) more time to play RotMG. 

With the update we are releasing today we want to make your weekend better: we will be fixing some disconnection issues; fixing the doubling of some stats boosts given by exaltation, and also fixing bugs affecting item swapping from the potion vault.

After updating the client, you might get a popup that tells you to download a new build. If this happens, close your launcher and re-open it. You should now be able to download the proper build.

Events update

Snake Pit will drop 1.5x loot and xp from 04-11-2021, 12:00 UTC to 04-16-2021, 12:00 UTC. 

Toxic Sewers will also drop 1.5x loot and xp from 04-13-2021, 12:00 UTC to 04-18-2021, 12:00 UTC. 

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