Eggstra, Eggstra, read all about the release!

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Hello Realmers,

It’s Friday and by now you are all used to it being #spoilertime. And there’s no bigger spoiler than what we are saying upfront: It’s official, we are unleashing the Summoner on Tuesday, the 30th of March. On the 31st  we are starting a New campaign called “A New Power” (hmm… what might this be?…).It will finish on the 13th April. There will be events on: Deadwater Docks; Sprite World; Ancient Ruins; Candyland Hunting Grounds; Lost Halls; The Shatters; Snake Pit and Toxic Sewers. During the whole eggvent you may engage in an Egg Hunt with Biff, the Buffed Bunny in the Realm.  We will also be distributing some free packs and fame boxes throughout the eggvent.

And, speaking of April, are also sharing the April Login Calendar with you. 

You can learn more about what’s to come in the Spring Eggvent Calendar we are sharing.

A New Power

The subtle power sensed across the realm was just the beginning. Winds of change. Some Heroes of the Nexus were expectant over what this whole new ordeal would be about.

Others didn’t wait, though.

Priests and Sorcerers, both reliant on drawing their magical powers from divine or arcane entities, found together a common point. They realized their magic was all about conjuration, and manifestation of powers in reality, much contrary to the ritual-based spells of the Wizards or the dark, forbidden arts of the Necromancers.
(To be continued…)

Here is what you’ll be getting from this campaign:

Note: As you can see on the calendar, there will be a second campaign starting on April the 16th. We’ll share more about that one in a later post.

Login Calendar for April

End of Testing: a new class and a goodbye

As our brand new class, Summoner, rolls out; it’s also time to start saying goodbye to one of the most pervasive classes in Realm since its conception: the Automata class.

Automata was the choice for some players to enjoy Realm. Since their informal and unexpected appearance some years ago, Automata has been a quite persistent class choice for some, even to the point of not playing (other classes) or even shifting the Nexus meta.

Automata players are well known for enjoying disguising as Lv1 Wizards and wandering around the Nexus of different servers, somehow remaining static or shouting repetitive cryptic phrases that some (less veteran) players confuse with advertisement. Unbeknownst to them, though, this is actually an advanced metagame strategy.

However popular, though, DECA has decided to let this class go in favor of more dynamic, human-controlled classes. From this update on, players can expect to see less and less of this class until eventually we expect them to fall from the meta permanently.

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