Introducing The Third Dimension

Development Update

Last weekend’s public testing sure was an eventful one! We’ve been reading every last bit of feedback, from quick slots to item forge to the reconstructed dungeons. Among this testing session was a brand new dungeon: The Third Dimension, created by Aurum from our UGC group. Here are some words from the man himself on the dungeon’s vision, development, and result.

The Third Dimension is a plane of existence inhabited by many angular foes, the greatest of all being the Tesseract Goddess herself. Many of the cubic inhabitants are concealing a hidden potential that you should watch out for.

It’s not too difficult, but it can become very dangerous if you’re not careful. In terms of progression, its in a pretty odd spot. Its going to be pretty common as a drop from Cube God, but its on a level between Mountain Temple and LoD.

Initially I wanted to create a construct dungeon and I whipped up a boss sprite to represent one of the elements of the three constructs. It was several cubes of steel with a glowing light at the center; that eventually evolved into the Tesseract Goddess. Many of those old event encounters such as the Cube God, Skull Shrine, or Pentaract didn’t drop a dungeon so choosing a drop location was an easy decision.

My biggest challenge with developing the Third Dimension would be learning to make XML and balancing. The bosses, layout, enemies, and items went through numerous iterations as I learned how to utilize realm XML better and I ultimately ended up having to scrap several versions of the fights until I could get something I was satisfied with.

The Third Dimension will be releasing soon as a guaranteed drop from the Cube God. If you see Aurum, be sure to give him some praise for the incredible job he’s done on this impressive project!

Cube God
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