Fame Bonus Rework Info

Development Update

Welcome! As MotMG continues, we are getting closer to releasing the XP/fame bonus rework! As we promised earlier, we want to give a clear and thorough heads up regarding the exact bonuses being added, changed, and removed, allowing you to kill off characters you may have created specifically for fame and be better prepared for the new kinds of stats you’ll be rewarded for.

Fame Bonus Changes

For ease of viewing, we’ve put the list of fame bonuses in a separate sheet. NOTE that these numbers are incomplete, this is primarily a demonstration of the general bonuses.

We’ve gone from 21 bonuses to 400+! To reiterate a few things from when we first discussed these changes, the goal of this expanded system is to turn fame bonuses from a small checklist of obligations into a system which constantly (and scalably) rewards a character’s achievements in their lifetime.

A big part of this was converting bonuses of inaction into action, so bonuses that incentivized a playstyle that made you less valuable to those around you (like mundane and boots on the ground) or punished you for general play (god kill ratios) have been converted to rewards for action.

Kills, for example, are not only flat numbers now instead of easily abused percentages, but have also been expanded throughout the whole game. Every single monster is now categorized under labels like humanoid, grotesque, and critter. You no longer have to feel guilty for shredding some lowlands monsters just because they’ll trash your ratio of god kills to generic monster kills!

XP Revisions

You may also notice the absence of Well Equipped. This is because fame bonuses on equipment have been replaced with XP bonuses! Instead of a multiplier on death, wearing equipment with a nice XP bonus will continuously benefit you while playing to help you get fame faster.

Of course, none of this would be complete without addressing XP gain itself, which has been skewed for a long while. We’ve made some efforts in the past to make general gameplay give a reasonable XP reward, like with the Ice Cave and Parasite Chambers, but now we are moving forward with a game-wide revision of XP values! With this, XP (and by extension fame) gain will be more steady across the game and scale appropriately with the difficulty of the content.

We will be releasing these changes in two parts. The XP changes will release next week, alongside the replacement of equipment fame bonuses with XP bonuses. Shortly later in the month, the full fame bonus rework will release. If you have characters designed with the current fame bonuses for maximized farming, we suggest killing them soon!

Fame Purchases

With all of these changes and additions, we anticipate the average rate of fame gain to be much higher by normal gameplay than it is now. Because of this, we want to give advance notice that the prices of fame purchases (like pet feeding and nexus equipment) will fluctuate for a bit after release as we gauge the new standard and find balanced new values.

We’re excited to get this new system released! It’s not the only thing coming very soon, either…

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