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Development Update
Art by Saturn!

Hello Realmers!

Last week we caught a glimpse of what you can expect from this year’s MotMG: Reconstruction. So let’s do a recap and give you more details on some of the upcoming content!

This year, we will have two major MotMG updates.

Part I (September 23rd):


This brand new system of permanent progression will help you make the most of every endgame dungeon run! Many of you are probably already familiar with this from our public testing session, though there have been some changes since then based on the feedback we received.

We’re excited to release this and give even the most accomplished players more goals to seek! Perhaps the Keyper will lend you a hand in this perilous journey while showing off some changes of his own?

Dungeon Reconstructions

The time has come! We all know Realm of the Mad God goes way back (closing in on 10 years!), so a little bit of reconstruction was needed to freshen things up a bit, hence the 2020 theme.

Some of the known encounters faces in the Realm may also change in the upcoming days. So take a good look at them now and try to spot the difference when the time comes.

The Appetizer

This sloppy chef stole almost all the pet food in the realm and is trying to pick a quarrel with you, Realmers… We hope you’re ready for a food fight!

Vital Combat

There is no need for an introduction on this one. A lot of you already saw this feature in action and left your thoughts and feedback. Soon you will all experience the most updated version – September 23rd!

F in chat for Flash

We have plenty of memories with the Flash client (spaghetti code). With the release of MotMG, we will also say goodbye to our old friend – on the website, Steam, and Kongregate. We hope you already transitioned to the Unity client and, of course, enjoy it!

Part II (TBA):

Fame Rework

As promised in a previous producer’s letter, a major rework to fame bonuses and XP gain is coming! We are massively expanding the kinds of achievements you get rewarded through in normal gameplay, as well as ensuring XP gain properly matches the challenge level of the content you’re facing. You can even see a small peek at these new bonuses and statistics in the latest trailer!

While all these new bonuses and calculations will make fame more naturally rewarding overall, we also know that some people still have living characters created specifically to maximize the current set of restrictive bonuses. Since death fame will be handled in a totally different way after this rework, we wanted to give a heads up that these players may want to kill off their characters before the release. We will give an exact date soon, but be prepared! From now on, fame bonuses will reward action over inaction.

New Vault/UI

Make some space for the new Vault, bringing you new ways to store your potions and straighten your stash! The classic vault will also get a new modern look! We hope you’ll like it once you get to play with it. We wanted to make it super shiny and convenient.

New Dungeon: High Tech Terror

A brand new boss dungeon is on its way! Manipulate the iconic transformation vats of the Mad Lab to your advantage when facing off against the F.E.R.A.L., Oryx’s latest court member. This devious and fast paced fight is sure to keep you on your toes.

After more than a month of craziness, MotMG Reconstruction will come to an end on October 28th to make way for other exciting features and improvements!

In the meantime, check out what other events are to come during MotMG with this year’s edition of the MotMG Event Calendar!

Bonus Program Updates

A MotMG F2P Campaign?

We just had an ST one, why not have a more special F2P Campaign for MotMG? More on that soon, so stay tuned!


For the duration of this special time of year, you will get not 1 but 4 FREE packages! The first 3 will drop with the release this Wednesday and the 4th one with the release after that, so don’t forget to check your in-game Mystery Shop! More on what they contain soon!

Flash-Connected Services Update

Since the Flash client will be removed, we wanted to give you a heads up that some of the services that are currently using it might experience some issues (like RealmEye). We are in the process of creating an API, so those said services can soon continue providing the information about the game that we are all used to! If you do have such a service, you can get in touch with us at to apply!

Help us with the reconstruction of the Realm of the Mad God! Join us on September 23rd and bring your protective helmets and working pants… rebuilding a game takes hard work!

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