Development Update

We’re so excited about what we’re sharing today that we want to skip straight to the point!

MotMG Trailer

Month of the Mad God begins September 23, and this year we are absolutely jam-packing it with content! The headliner this time around is Reconstruction, as we enhance and modernize some of the game’s oldest content and features. This is on top of brand new content too, like The Appetizer realm event and High Tech Terror, a ferocious new boss dungeon!

All the new loot you get won’t be getting lost in the depths of your vault, either! Search, categorize, and customize with the new unified vault interface releasing during MotMG, replacing the dark ages of fishing through chest after chest for hopelessly scattered items. Even potions will be easy to stash and transfer between characters with the brand new potion storage system!

The game’s most dated dungeons have received complete aesthetic AND gameplay overhauls. We have placed a major emphasis on creating a more natural difficulty curve in the early game, including improved loot structure to keep characters growing on the initial path to level 20. We’ve also thought more about the purpose of each dungeon, such as focusing on area-of-effect damage in the Snake Pit and mild status effects in the Forest Maze.

The footage you see is still not 100% complete, and you may notice a few small placeholders like projectile sprites, but we are already extremely pleased with the new look and feel! We hope you’re as excited as we are to see these dungeons come to life in a whole new way. We’d love to know what you’re most looking forward to from this trailer!

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