Development Update

Very soon, the brand new Ancient Ruins dungeons will be on its way to the realm! We are also close to finalizing the long awaited player transparency feature, enabling you to see through fellow players, pets, and gravestones in even the densest environments. To top this all off, we’ve been working on a snazzy new specialized health bar for bosses and quests, so you can keep even better track of the most important foes!

Ancient Ruins

Bickuribox12, one of our partnered content creators, recently made a great video showing off the Ancient Ruins in its entirety. If you didn’t get the chance to check it out in our brief public testing session earlier today, we highly recommend this video to get a preview of what’s coming. Thank you again to Bickuribox12 for creating this excellent showcase!

Player Transparency and Boss HP Bars

The video also demonstrates work-in-progress versions of our player transparency additions, which reduces visual clutter in unsafe areas to make sure you can always prioritize your own dodging.

Boss HP bars aren’t just for show, either! As you might notice, we are also using them as an opportunity to have better indication of an enemy’s status effect immunities (as well as turning blue and showing a blue shield when invulnerable to better telegraph when you can deal damage).

This has long been an attribute that required either memorization through experience or studying outside sources like the wiki to know about, so we’re happy to communicate this as a proper game mechanic at last!

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