Development Update

Hello all! This will be an especially short blog post this week, as we very recently covered an abundance of information in the second part of our promised producer’s letter. We highly encourage you to check out this letter if you haven’t already! A whole array of information about major upcoming content is discussed, so you don’t want to miss it.

Oryx 3

With that said, we’ll just be taking a small peek at the development of Oryx’s Sanctuary for today. Last week showed a newer build on stream along with a Q&A. This included the first gameplay look at the fourth miniboss, Chief Beisa.

However, he was still missing environmental art at the time and used placeholder assets. Not anymore! We’re happy to introduce the new look for Beisa’s transforming grid.

Oryx 3 is getting ever-closer to release, and the three runes you need to access him are now officially dropping! There’s no better time to prepare yourself for the Mad God’s greatest challenge. Happy hunting!

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